Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

Check out the best Gingerbread (Cracker) Houses I've yet to see.

This cute girl has the best Holiday goodies. Pure motivation to get some holiday baking done!

I wish I would have read about her hot lava sugar glue and magic icing before tonight when we made our Gingerbread House.

Next year I'm going to use this recipe or get me one of those cool Gingerwood houses over on Everything is Pink. I secretly am dying to have one of those! I think my girls would LOVE decorating a Gingerwood House for EVERY holiday! I know I would!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks like it would work but I think your hot glue gun would work just as well. Hee hee. We are going to be making our Ginger bread houses on Sunday. It's funny because Matt is the one who likes making them the best!
Hang in there with your list.
I can't believe you didn't want to hang lights because they wouldn't be straight!
Love you and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

Erin said...

We are making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve this year. Jack is so excited. The melted sugar "glue" looks like it works really well but also seems a little scary. I would probably burn myself. I'm going to stick with icing, no burns and you get to lick it off when it gets on your fingers!

Webb Family said...

What a great idea!! That's what I hate about gingerbread houses, they never stay put!! I would love to see your other holiday houses-new tradition!!