Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Bits of Randomness

I am now sick. I have been in bed for the past three days. This has been a month that I want to soon forget. I think it should be an earthly law that if your are a MOTHER you should be exempt from being sick. This should count for all kinds of diseases not just the flu or the common cold. Do you think if I got a petition going around with enough names on it I get get it passed as a law or something?

I am very grateful for my husband who has been taking care of me like I was a queen. I feel kind of spoiled and definitely loved. He's go great!

Abby and I have been watching the movie Aquamarine about five times a day. I have to say that this is a very cute movie and even after watching it so many times I still love it. We have even downloaded some of the songs from itunes and love those as well. Cassidy likes it too so that makes for a peaceful movie night.

The weather here has been perfect. This is why I live here. There isn't a beach in sight but the air is so perfect it feels like it just wraps it's self around you and makes you want to be outside. I am heading to the garden store tomorrow to jazz up the place. I can't wait to pick out some color for the front and back yards. Sorry for those of you still covered in snow. When you are having beautiful weather in July and we are at 122 you can remind me of this little post.

I'm looking out my office window at the sky. It's what we call sky-blue-pink around here. It's lovely. The girls are riding bikes and pulling kids on skateboards with a rope. I'm sure this isn't the safest thing to do but I pick my battles and that is not one of them. Abacus takes up most of my battling time these days, and reading and spelling and picking up clothes off the floor in the bathroom and brushing teeth and eating veggies and....well, you get the point.

I haven't been getting my camera out and I miss it. I guess with this being the sickest month in history I haven't had the energy. I got it out today and captured Abby blowing a bubble with her gum. She learned how the other day and she has been practicing ever since. This little girl amazes me, she has such a determined little personality. She can do anything her mind wants to. Sometimes I envy her. I wish I could bottle her determination and persistence. I would make a fortune.

I have to say that Tom's idea of putting Cassidy in charge of herself in the morning has been AWESOME!!! Before I would say at least 200 times "Hurry Up!" By the time she would leave for school we would both be so annoyed with each other it was awful. Now we just wake her up, make sure she opens her eyes and answers us and then let her be. She is responsible for getting ready, getting her books and bag and snack ready, eating breakfast and getting to the bus on time. If she needs help we are more than happy to help her but she has to ask. If she misses the bus then she has to go to bed at 7pm instead of 8pm. If she misses it again she has to go to bed at 6pm and the hour gets earlier with each miss. Guess what, she hasn't missed once! I don't say hurry up and we are both happy and in love with each other as she leaves. It has really made the mornings a happier place around here. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Today I was waiting for Cassidy at school to pick her up (she rides the bus in the morning because she's on the bus for all of 3 min. and if she were to ride home she would be on the bus for 25 min - no thank you!) and she took 30 min to come out. HELLO! I'm sick, I don't feel good and I don't want to be sitting for 30 min. waiting! The only reason she is still alive is because Abby had fallen asleep and I wanted her to have a little nap. I guess the Teacher was helping her so again couldn't be too mad at this. She did get a lecture about calling to let me know what she's doing. What would you do in this situation?

I guess that's all for now. I think my cough medicine with codeine is kicking in. So if towards the end there things didn't make sense now you know why. I'm off to find something to eat for the chickens while the mother hen gets back in her nest.


pam said...

You are too cute Cara. I know how sick you are and you still sound so happy. I don't know how you do it. I wish I could bottle your attitude and sell it. Then I would be the rich one.

We are all sick too!!

Dancin Queen said...

I would sign that petition. I'm sorry you're so sick. I hope you feel better soon. I had the gombu (the technical term) a couple weeks ago and it was the pits.

Thanks for sharing the morning tips!

Grandma T. said...

Sorry you have been sick. Pete is so afraid we will pick it up that he goes around wiping doorknobs, etc. with the clorox wipes. We have been out and about today and whenever we get back in the car we use the hand sanitizer. This has been such a bad month or two that I don't think that is over doing it. If you are ready to work in your yard that is a good sign. Love, Aunt Janet

cindylou said...

I'm sorry you are soo sick Cara. But while you are so sick, you are still so cute. I wish I could be that way! When I'm sick, I'm an awful hag! I hope you guys are feeling all better soon! Have fun planting those flowers! Wish I could plant some here. :o) Soon...

idahohubers said...

I'm looking forward to my kids being older and being able to do their morning routine on their own. I love those ideas. Our stores here are putting out the spring garden stuff and the ground is still covered in 2 feet of snow! Even though we've hit 40 a couple of days this month, I think the snow is sticking around for a while.

I'll sign your 'moms aren't allowed to be sick' petition too! I'm sorry your down and out. By the way, I wouldn't expect you to know some of those random things about me - but I'm surprised you remembered my love of tiny things -You're good!

Kimmurs said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'll definately remind you in July of the weather...22 degrees here today. COLD. Love Ya..

Emy5 said...

Hope you feel better soon. I love the idea of handing over responsibility to Cassidy in the mornings. Glad it's working out!

Amz said...

So sad to hear how sick you've been. I hope you get better soon. I would definitly sign that petition of yours about Moms not being allowed to get sick.

Webb Family said...

I'm so sorry you are sick, and I agree moms shouldn't have to go through being sick after taking care of everyone! But, at least your sweet hubby was there to take care of you!!
I love the idea about missing the bus they go to bed early. My kiddos already do almost everything themselves but I'm always reminding them, I'm trying this one!

crystal said...

I love Aquamarine! And the soundtrack!

I'm so glad to hear what worked for you with Cassidy's morning. Isabelle is SUCH a slowpoke and I have to dog her steps and nag her and she's always late. It makes me sad to send her off to school with a scolding! Did you make a checklist for Cassidy? Thanks for the heaven-sent advice!