Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Blessing

I want to do an after post about Mexico. After reading what I wrote after I posted it I felt like it seemed I was a little ungrateful. I promise I'm not ungrateful and I did have a super great time. The friends and food were great, the beach was very relaxing and our condo was very, very nice! So just know that yes, I was hesitant about going but I'm glad I went.

Now since I am on the subject of being grateful I wanted to do a little pre-Sunday post. Since doing this 52 Blessings Project I have found that it's very hard to pick just one thing I'm thankful for. All week I look at what's going on in my little life and I am taking notice of things I didn't notice before, making it difficult to choose.

Yesterday I was making freezer jam and I got all the strawberry's washed and cut and my new blender wouldn't work. (Very frustrating) So I called a couple neighbors to see if I could use their blender for 5 min. I found one (attached to a Bosch BTW so I borrowed the bowl too so I could make some bread) and came home to finish the jam.

Then I took some jam to the blender neighbor, stopped to talk to the guy across the street seeding his lawn, went over to my next door neighbor who was outside watering her flowers and then talked to the little boy who was walking home. He asked me if I was out selling something. I told him No, I was just visiting my great neighbors. I think he thought I was a little weird?

Anyway, since I can only pick one blessing on Sunday I thought I would do a Wednesday Blessing post too.

Today I am thankful to have the best neighbors on the planet!!
Really, this is what I have waited my whole life for. Every one of the families on our street is an A+++ in my book. I couldn't ask for anything more.

(well, I COULD ask but I won't Ü)
Do you have good or bad neighbors?


Erin said...

Its not that we have bad neighbors, they are just indifferent I think. Sad we don't even know our neighbors names. You are lucky to live on a street with such good families.

Jenifer said...

I'm with Erin, my neighbors are pretty indifferent. Sometimes when I wave, they ignore me. Not all of them, about 20% are pretty cool.

Cindy said...

Cara, I'm just loving the 52 Blessings Project. And like you, I see things all week that would be great to use, and have a hard time choosing. It is wonderful to look at the world that way! So, many blessing!!

Andrea said...

Good neighbors are hard to come by. That's so awesome that you have great ones! We love our neighbors too. Still getting to know some of them.

I am having a hard time trying to pick one thing I'm grateful for each week too. Especially as we get farther into the year. As I look deeper, we have SO MANY blessings! I love seeing what everyone is grateful for and reminds us to COUNT each ONE!!

crystal said...

I'm loving the 52 BP, too! So glad you started it. I have very wonderful neighbors & I feel like you: I've waited forever for a neighborhood like this! I never want to move.

idahohubers said...

I have a couple of really nice neighbors. We wave to the rest and they wave back but that's about it. We do have a nice grandma and her granddaughter who sell homemade tamales door to door - yum. And we don't get dog doo in our yard anymore like we did in our other neighborhood!

Bits Of Becca said...

My neighbors are pretty nice. We don't talk too much. Just wave as we drive or walk by. Our neighbor behind us came to me once and thanked me for keeping my kids off his rock pile. (It is so close to our yard, it looks like ours. We don't have a fence). I thought that was nice of him. Also a subtle way of saying "and please keep doing it."

Anny said...

It has been so hard for me to pick a blessing too. Thanks for being inspired to add this our blogs. My neighbors are nice. I have come home several times to a snowblown driveway. I am still getting to know some of them and there are not a lot of kids on my street.