Sunday, April 20, 2008

52 BP Week 16

Now that my life has gotten back on my regular schedule (is there such a thing?) I wanted to post my most favorite thing of this week.

Tom's office is DONE!! Yipee!!! We are all very excited about it and it has been a long process but has finally come to an end. The guys are moved in and feeling pretty good about themselves I must admit. This is Tom's dream come true and I am so happy for him.
Front Reception Area.
Their logo is a tree and their saying is "Nurture - Grow - Protect"
Hence the tree theme.

More Entry area

Tom's Office

The rotunda in the hall area going to the office's

The conference table
The reception desk

I feel very blessed to be able to have my husband be 5 minutes from home, happy to go to work and did I mention no commute time? (no there's no excuse for coming home late Ü)


Crazymamaof6 said...

congrats on that! it looks fabulous!
Whew! now i hope you are resting a little after that huge project.

Kimmurs said...

Great looking office...Congrats

Erin said...

The office looks fantastic! Glad that all your hardwork is over. I hope that you take some time to relax.

Amz said...

What a beautiful office! I bet it is so nice having him close.

Bits Of Becca said...

The office looks great and very inviting. It must have been fun to do, but glad its over.

Let Your Hair Down said...

The office looks great! Chris said its pretty amazing in person (i had to work sniff sniff) Good work Cara! Love the cummute time :)

Anny said...

Wow, I love it! You all did such a great job and I'm sure Tom & the boys are glad to have such a nice home away from home! I'm glad you had fun shopping for it.

Webb Family said...

I'm so excited for you guys! That was a fun night at the open house. You girls did a super job on the decorating!

cindylou said...

WOW!! That office looks absolutely, amazingly posh! I love it!! I'm so happy for you and Tom! All of his/your hard work has paid off!! :o)

Crystal Star said...

Looks great! Did Troy tell you that I was jealous he got to go see it and not me? :)