Friday, May 16, 2008

May Freebie

Summer, summer, summer
Everything bright and lovely
Kids out side playing
The beautiful sound of the ice cream truck
Hanging out by the swimming pool
Running and playing hide and go seek
Sweating like crazy
Sun burn
Watching the sky at night
Having no school
Sleeping late
Eating every five seconds
Walking around the neighborhood
Summer, summer, summer
Wish it was all year round

5 more days till school is out!

This is my new May Desktop Freebie. I finally got it made and I love it poem and all!
I know at one time I had a link to a site that had cute scrapbook sayings and quotes. Does anyone know what that is or have one they like?

Thanks Shabby Princess for the cute freebie! I love it!


Emy5 said...

What, we still have another two weeks!

Your new desk top is awesome as always.

pam said...

Too Cute!

cindylou said...

I love it!! And what a cute picture of the girls rolling down the hill!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

Very Cute!!
You are so creative!

{Mullins} said...

you're way too talented! i love shabby princess. ps: what was that font site you were tellin me about??

idahohubers said...

I love these ... I should make them, I have no good excuse!