Saturday, July 12, 2008

Colorado Part 5

O.K. I am going to wrap up this Colorado trip here. I have other things to blog about but feel like I can't because I need to finish up our trip.

The morning was spent with all the girls - Sheri, Suzanne, Me, Taylor, Jane, Cassidy, Jill, Abby and Heidi antiquing in town. I thought that each time we walked into the cute little antique stores that were in cute little houses the owners blood pressure went up about 200%. I have to say that I would have never thought the girls would have liked doing this but the LOVED it! They didn't want to stop! They thought it was so fun to look at all the "treasures" and even found a few that they couldn't live without. In one of the stores I found an old bed that I about died over and wanted to bring home with me. It was amazing (I'm so sad I didn't take a picture of it) but, 1. I don't need a bed 2. I had no way of getting it home. So no bed. My usual obsession in finding a treasure every time I go somewhere did not pan out this trip. The bed was the best find of the day and I couldn't have it. So I didn't buy anything. Shocker I know! At the last place we went they had this cute little cabin playhouse set up with art supplies, cards, pens, stickers and such. The girls went to all the shops then decided to stay in the little cabin for the rest of the time and had a blast! Who ever thought that up is brilliant!

On the 4th we went to a parade on Main St. and we were slightly late and missed most of it. The kids had fun getting candy and seeing all the different floats and cars that went by. While walking back to the car I spyed the biggest dandelion puff I have ever seen. They were growing in someones front yard so I picked a few for the girls. Of course they made wishes and blew those little seed puffs with gusto!! I then made the girls run to the car before the owner of the house came out since we just made about 1027 new dandelions to grow in his front yard! Ooops

Thanks to Suzanne we got a nice family picture on the 4th. I love having a 4th of July picture each year along with a family picture at Christmas time.

We had a B-B-Que with a whole bunch of fun people and ate salmon that had been caught that day at the lake. Who knew there was salmon in Co. and it was de-lish!! I was very impressed! We then broke out the fireworks and Tom was the star of the show. He dropped some cash on a big box of fireworks and was like a kid in a candy store. The littles surrounded him the whole time and his grin while setting them off was sometimes brighter than the actual fireworks!

We then took a break and went to see the town fireworks. They were fun and very exciting - the hill caught on fire in two places! The kids were very worried but it was fine. We then went back to the house and finished off Tom's fireworks. The picture above is just SOME of the fun we had.
(Thanks John & suzanne, Ben, Sheri & Rick and Sheri's sister & family for all the fun! We loved it!!!!)


Jenifer said...

I'm shocked! Isn't this the lady that put a bed in her Civic along with a car seat??? Are you getting soft? Hahahaha. Bummer that you didn't get it. Is it still haunting you? I'm thinking girls trip to Colorado.

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome trip! LOVE THE FAMILY SHOT! so cute! bummer on the bed, it will forever live in your memory as ultra fabulous, and the regret will haunt you! i hate that such a bummer!

super fun fireworks and 4th!

Grandma T. said...

What an awesome PYRO Tom is! I'll bet that was a loud, thrilling, spectacle. I like your link to Picky Palates. We are having "It's not your mother's Pasta" this week.

Vidal's Nest said...

Makes me miss the fireworks and sparklers! All our neighbors would get together for a bbq then when it got dark we would light off the fireworks.
The family pic is spectaclar.
Oh and the photo of your little cutie Abby with the dandelion is to die for. Frame that one!

Webb Family said...

Love the bike!
Looks like such a fun trip. I can't stop thinking about that bed!
You look darling in your cute family photo.

sherri fay said...

I had so much fun anique shopping!! I wish I would have taken a pict. of the girls on the slip n slide for your blog. Come back to Colorado anytime.