Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night I went out to water my thirsty plants out by the pool and thought I would give my tomato plants and extra drink. Low and behold as I was watering I notice the biggest green worm ever eating all the leaves off my tomato plant. I called Tom and he got four HUGE worms off (with much difficulty I might add - these suckers had some suckers!). Eeewwww so gross.

This is why I have always been a flower gardener. Flowers don't breed large disgusting worms that are bigger than Tom's pointer finger. I hope tonight when I go out there I won't find more of these green things.

I went online to see what they were and I found this website that pretty much sums up my exact experience to a tee! Garden Mandy at least I am not the only one out there with worm problems.

This picture courtesy of maplegate
Cassidy and Abby were sicked out as much as I was. However....they both got over it and now they have them in Cassidy's bug catcher as pets and keep feeding them leaves thinking they will try and keep them alive.

I'm thinking they need to be thrown into the garbage or taken very far away from my tomato plants and let go to ravage some other type of vegetation.

Aren't these the worms that the people on fear factor had to eat? Can I saw one more time.....eewwww gross and SICK!!!!


Jenifer said...

EWWWWWW! Bet you are glad Tom was home!

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow very cool! bummer about that. i wonder what they turn into? way gross that they stuck so well. funny the girls, are keeping them in the bug boxes?

Crystal Star said...

WOW! Was it really as big as that photo? Crazy! I wonder if Janae has had any worms with her cool updside down garden.

Vidal's Nest said...

Sick Nasty! Gives me the willies

Anny said...

Those bugs remind me of my childhood. My dad would pay us .10 for every green worm we caught. I earned tons of money. At least enough for the candy store. I have been watching for those bugs on my tomato plants for years but I have never seen one. I know I'm weird and that they are not eating my tomato plants but I think they are kind of cute, probably because they remind me of my childhood.

Bits Of Becca said...

I was going to say the same thing as Anny did with the .10 for every worm. Boy, .10 was a lot of money back then, my kids wouldn't do anything for .10 now. If you squish them, they bleed green. Just so you know:)

loving life with livie said...

yucky! we have a tomato plant...maybe i should watch more carefully, huh?

thanks for the shout out on my music. doesn't it just make you want to smile & sing? i'm glad you like it. you're the only one that has said anything about it, so thanks!