Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Time at the Park (Colorado Part 3)

This is Cassidy having the time of her life with her friends at the park- I think she may have been a little disturbed at me watching her with my camera. What do you think? When you go on vacation do you tend to do the same normal things? I am not a fan, I like to explore and see as much as I can possibly see while I am somewhere new. However with kids....that isn't always possible and sometimes we do whatever we need too to make the littles happy. Here we are at a fun park down the street from our friends house (John and Suzanne, Jane, Jill and Heidi) Jane and Jill are like my second set of girls - I love them so! The girls had fun playing together and just well.....being girls at a park on a warm summer day!
Jane and Cassidy owning the playground. They are so funny thinking they are so "cool" and big!
Abby loved this spinning pole. Remember when we were young we had that huge spinning thing on playgrounds. What happened to those? They were both fun and scary!
Abby also loves to swing and since she is truly "Miss Independence" she loves to "pump" the swing and I don't even have to push her! She can swing for hours!!! I told her swinging will be her favorite when she goes to kindergarten!
Little Jill is such a cutie! look at that smile Ü Her and Abby had fun on the tire swing - I had to push them on that one. It's not a do-it-yourself kind of swing.
I love this shot of Miss Abbs - her hair blowing in the breeze with a smile on her face!
Even Suzanne and Heidi got to swing!


Crazymamaof6 said...

fun playing at the park! the big wheel that spins? it's called the wheel of death aka merry go round, and i have one in my backyard. a vintage wheel of death.

cute pics! cute girlies!

Kendra said...

Looks like Colorado is beautiful (as always)! Your girls are such cuties and your photos are great!

Anny said...

Your girls are beautiful. I'm glad they had fun with their friends.

Andrea said...

CUTE pics!! I used to love the merry-go-round too!

I'm so happy each time one of my kiddos learns how to "swing" themselves. They love being able to do it themselves!

pam said...

It's amazing how you guys can put a great vacation together in a day. I'm glad you had a good time...and the landscape is beautiful.

cindylou said...

Don't you just love CO?? You should buy a summer house up here! That'd be so fun for me!! :o)

I'm loving your pictures, Cara Sue! You're becoming quite the little photographer!