Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Friday

Today I spent the morning do laundry.....(yuck) It wouldn't of been so bad but it was just the putting away part. And I hate that part! I got it all done though.....until I do laundry again on Monday.

I got ready then Abby ready and took her and Cole to the bus for school (she loves the bus!)

Then I met the girls for the 12:25 showing of

Firstly, it was a little weird not having to worry about children. (They were both at school) O.K it was a lot weird. Kind of a guilty pleasure weird. I liked it, yet at the same time was a little sad.

Secondly, I wanted to get up out of my chair and dance several times but contained myself. (it was hard and I did find my body dancing in my chair and had to refrain!)

Thirdly, I loved it!!! It was so cute, great songs (who knew Peirce Brosnan could sing......well he can't but he sure looks great trying!) and even better scenery (I want a room in my house that Mediterranean blue). Yes, I want to go there for my next vay-cay! (was it a real place? I have no idea but I want to go there!)

If you HAVE seen the movie, did you love it?

If you haven't seen the movie, don't forget to stay until the VERY end...after the credits. That was the best part! I was laughing so hard I was crying!

Now I'm off to tuck my little pip-squeaks into bed and find a place for my little pip-squeak nephews to lay down until my brother comes to fetch them. They are such cuties!

Tomorrow I am going to my photography class and I just can't wait! It's all day and by the end I am going to be better at taking pictures I just know it!
Have you seen Mama Mia yet?
Did you like it?
Did you know Peice Brosnan had a crooked tooth?


lindsey said...

a movie during the day?? what fun!! loved the movie. pierce brosnan's singing wasn't the best but i loved his effort ;)

Bits Of Becca said...

I haven't seen it yet, I wasn't sure if it was good or not. (I may have heard from a critic not). I might need to see it now. Soon I will be home all day with all kids at school too. I think I'm going to get a massage for the first day of school.

Dancin Queen said...

I've seen it twice in the theater. I fully intend on going again, and then purchasing it the day it's released. I've seen it on broadway, have all of ABBA's greatest hits memorized. I'm a nerd.

Janae said...

I can attest to the wiggling in the chair I was sitting next to you!!!! I was right there with ya though... I am guilty of singing out the songs every once in a while!! glad it was you sitting there and not some stranger!!

loving life with livie said...

oh i loved it! i honestly tried to start the wave but everybody with me chickened out. "but we danced anyway"!

i've got a blogging question...i'm minimizing my "friends" element, & i DID put them all in their own post, but how do i get just the "blogs" link like you have? i don't want much, just a little bit bigger than the regular font allows.

i'll call you. or you call me when you get a minute. Ü

Erin said...

Going to the movies in the middle of the day would be weird. I have seen Mamma Mia. Thought it was cute but Pierce Brosnan singing was a little too strange.

Erin said...
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Anny said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I did see the broadway show. It was fun also and Jim thought I was a geek for singing and moving. I didn't know as many ABBA songs as I thought I did though. I can't believe you are an empty nester during the day, wow! I am just excited that Blake goes to pre-school for 4 hours a week! I want to buy a huge camera and take a photography class also, where are you taking the class?

miscellany said...

I wanted to dance, but settled for singing right along with the movie! And Pierce, well not so great with the pipes but he looked really good trying! Isn't it amazing how music can affect our lives? Our moods?

Crazymamaof6 said...

yup! i loved it too! i had to resist singing and dancing. and totally need to own it!
super fun to go during the day! what a new delightful way to spend the afternoon. yay for school! serious freedom!
fun to have cousins over!

and can't wait to see all your new camera skills!

Think Pink said...

I loved this movie!!! My girlfriend and I went to see it just last week - while the kids were at school. (I know - it's a weird feeling having both kids in school!) Anywho...I LOVED IT! I called my husband and told him I want a little 'villa' in Greece. He thinks I'm nuts - but I'm not! I can't wait to see it again!

Mandy said...

Loved the movie! Loved it on Broadway! LOVE Pierce!! They did shoot it on a little Greek Island, so I want to go there someday. It looks so great!