Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Little Funny Comments

I just have to share:

I took Abby to Target to buy her cousin London a B-Day present. I asked Abby what she wanted to get London. "A Barbie". Of course! Why didn't I think of that? So we head over to the Barbie section and Abby says,

"I'm going to get London an immodest Barbie."
"You mean a modest Barbie don't you?" I casually correct her.
"No Mom, an IMMODEST Barbie!" she answers back with annoyance.

And then she promptly picks out the Barbie with the two piece bathing suit on for $4.95 and throws in Ken too. I guess Immodest Barbie needs a Ken to oogle her all day long!


The other little funny happened yesterday in my Primary class. You know this will NOT be the last time I comment on what my 9 & 10 year olds say because they can be pretty darn funny!

One boy in class (who will remain nameless to protect his identity) and who is quickly becoming my favorite said that he had stayed up until 1am the night before reading and he was soooo tired! Well I had to ask him what he was reading of course and he said, "TWILIGHT!"

Hee-Hee. It has even got the interest of ten year old boys!

Now for the best part...........
In sharing time this same boy was leaning on the chair in front of him with his eyes closed. I asked him to sit up and be reverent.

He said, "But I'm sooo tired from staying up all night reading THAT book! It's so addicting!! I just have to know what's going to happen in the END!!!"

I have seriously been laughing ever since!


Jenifer said...

A young man after your own heart! he will make a woman very happy someday!

Anny said...

So funny! Zack wants to read Twilight but I keep telling him it is a girl book. Instead he sits next to me as he thumbs through it and has me tell him the story, every detail. Abby is funny too. It's amazing how young they KNOW!

Britta said...

Funny how early those girls know what's immodest and say things like that. One time when Nyah was like 4, we were shopping and the prom dresses were really cheap so I thought I'd buy her one for dress up. She said, "I want an immodest dress." Done with that shopping.
Does this boy have an older sister? I'm guessing I know who it is and that is too funny!

Bits Of Becca said...

Those are great comments. Kids are so funny. Aliza had a barbie and made a dress for her out of kleenex. It was a strapless dress. I told her it was immodest and to figure out a way she could make it modest. She spent the next hour putting and taping sleeves on. It looked great.

idahohubers said...

Ok, that is so funny about the barbie! And the boy with the reading obsession - funny too! But I SO wouldn't want my 10 year old (girl or boy) reading those books! 13 or 14 year old yes and MAYBE 12 year old depending on the kid. Hearing snippits of the story in my own words, sure, but not reading it. Kids grow up too fast these days.

raising4boys said...

LOL!! Those are all great :)