Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm playing Catch-Up and may be for a few more posts. So hang in there while I breeze through the summer pictures I never posted about. I was on an organizing kick this particular week. Even though these pictures may not be the best I want to remember how I was organized I was. Even if it doesn't last.
My towel closet. I only use white towels. That way I can bleach them, wash them all at once, no playing favorites, plus I just love anything soft fluffy and white! That basket on the floor holds all my table cloths and runners. The beach towels up top are my nemesis. I hate big multi colored beach towels. I I can't wash the blues with the oranges or yellows so if the kids pick one blue and one orange what am I supposed to do? I wish I had big white beach towels. That would be heaven. This drawer is the junk drawer. I tried to organize it and it's much better. I think I need a different type of holder thing. The one I have just isn't working.
Pantry. Getting a little crowded with those white buckets. Maybe I can move some of them into the towel closet. I also need another shelf along the top. There's room and it would be put to good use.
Yes those are all hand made quilts by my Mother and Grandmothers. When I my Mom died I took a few. I did not take them all. All the family members including her sisters and my cousins took some too. This is just a small percentage. I even have a couple more in another closet. I'm bags. Have you seen those things? I could get 2-3 big quilts into one space bag and it would shrink down to nothing! Do you think it would be good for 100 year old quilts?
I know this is not an exciting picture but........I had this extra dresser and it's a cute and nice dresser. I didn't want to get rid of said dresser. So I thought hey, it fits perfectly in the closet in the space made for coats. Since we live where it's mostly over 80 degrees and don't wear coats much I immediately made the closet it's new home. Now it holds all my sheets and pillowcases. (and more blankets on top) I said we didn't wear coats, obviously we use a lot of blankets??
(july 08)


Becca said...

OH it feels so good to have organized closets!!! I'm working on that too.

mjilsteele said...

Cara Jane, no wonder that you are Tom's Heartthrob. You bring lots of joy to the moment. Hey how do you get so much into those spaces? Love you always, Mom S.

Cindy said...

Wow -- check out those organized closets! I'm impressed!!

Tiffany said...

Great job!! I'm totally impressed- especially by your junk drawer. We don't even have an organizer in ours at all. Its just... well, JUNK! Not so good. And I must say though that I am totally DROOLING over all your closet space. I'm jealous! Closet space is the best!

Great job with the organization!!

idahohubers said...

I love seeing other people's closets. I always open closets when we house hunt or open house hunt! The dresser in the closet trick is my favorite. Jake and I each have our own smallish closet and each have a dresser in there. It's great to see pics of the quilts too! I have no idea how to best store them though. I think the AZ climate is easy on those old fabrics. Our closets have drastic temp. changes and we have to watch for mold.

Jennifer said...

Ohhhhh.... I'm jealous. I want that food storage pantry. WOW!

Katie said...

Wow, that's some seriously good organization!!