Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Growing up my family had a joke that our house was called, "Clausen Cafe and Boarding House". I am following in the tradition with glee!

♥♥Thursday at 4pm my Aunt Kathy came for a visit - stayed till Monday at 4pm
♥♥Thursday at 8pm my friends Anny & Kass came for a visit - stayed till Friday
♥♥Today Tom's Brother Mike flies in at 5:05pm - not sure when the return is.
♥♥Today my friend Kim and her family fly in (not sure the time) for good! They are finally, after five long years moving here. (yippee for me!!)

So in honor of all these fun friends and a fun filled weekend I'm going to carry on the tradition and call my house:

Garden View Cottage Bed and Breakfast

(and I do have to admit - I can make a yummy breakfast!)


Cindy said...

How fun that you have soo many house guests! Wish I was one of them. boo hoo

momof3crazykids said...

Oh I love having family stay with me. Though it doesn't happen very often. Everyone is in AZ and only every few years do they come to TX.
I love the name of your B&B!

Jennifer said...

Aunt Moon Beam was at YOUR house and I didn't even get to see her??? WHAT!?

Anny said...

I know it was a super hectic weekend for you, but GEE it was sure fun staying up 'til 3:30 a.m. catching up with you and Tom :) Your fam is the best and Garden View Cottage is the best bed and breakfast ever!!!!! Thanks a million! A bed awaits you and your family, just let us know when - I can't top your homemade muffins by the pool though.

Becca said...

It was so fun to see you guys and your beautiful home as well, even if it was for an hour or so. Thanks for putting up with Anny, Kass and myself. You are a great inspiration, and I hope you don't mind (really) that I use your idea of the curtain rods. I'm going to pick some out tomorrow, I'm excited:)! Thanks for everything. Let me know if you use the fish pedicure, you should try it, just for fun, he he:)

Megan said...

Do you have to be from out of town to come stay? do you feel a need to have met these people face to face before hand? or can anyone come stay?

Kass said...

Cara, You seriously spoiled us at the Gardenview Cottage Bed & Breakfast! Thank you a million times over. I loved talking with you, Anny, & Tom & haven't stayed up that long in years! You are an inspiration to me Cara & I loved being in your home. Thanks again! Love you and waiting for your visit to UT, Kass :)