Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mother Daughter Date

I took the girls on a little Mother Daughter Date while Tom was out of town a few Saturdays ago. We went to a paint your own pottery place and spent THREE hours painting mugs for our hot chocolate. I had never done this before but I have to admit - I want to go back. It's very addicting.

We all worked on our own mugs. Cassidy the artist was very creative and hers turned out the best. Abby even though is only four did a super job of choosing her paint colors, painting her cup and saucer all by herself! I only had to help her at the end because she had painted her name the same color as the mug and we couldn't wait for her to re-paint. I love my garden pot mug and painted it the same colors as my curtains. Now we have a memory and cute hot chocolate mugs to keep us happy all winter long!

Cassidy with her many paint colors she used on her mug.
Abby with her saucer - love that heart! ♥
Cute flower Miss Abby!
Cassidy's finished project. Love the drippy lines and the hidden heart.
My garden mug.
Lunch and Dessert after (of course)
Abby with a thumbs up for her ice-cream treat!


live and laugh said...

Sister Steele those mugs are so cute! i want one!

Becca said...

What a fun thing to do. Those mugs look awesome!

Webb Family said...

All your mugs turned out so cute!! Kelsey went there for party a couple of weeks ago & she loved it.
What a fun date! You are such a wonderful mama!!

Lori said...

Looks like a great day! I love those pottery places! Your girls did a great job. (And that blue ice cream sundae Abby has looks so delicious!)

Kass said...

Mommy dates are the best! My Abby would absolutely love a place like this-I better check around for one.

Anny said...

I think I saw those on your table, they were so cute! When Kass finds a place around here, I'm totally taking my girls too!