Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday I have to admit was a success. Everything turned out great. The school parties, parades and costumes were fun and cute. The 3rd annual Halloween party here at the house, trick-or-treating, movie in the yard and dinner was also fun The girls were happy and had a blast. Another Halloween has past and I am TIRED!!!

Cassidy informed me Thursday night that I needed to wash her witch outfit because it had dragged on the ground the entire time while she was "trunk-or-treating" and the whole bottom front was filthy dirty. So before going to bed I threw it in the washer then realized I would have to wait until it was done so I could hang it up to dry. Cant' have a wet costume now can we?Cassidy headed off to school then Abby and I got to work on the Carmel Apple Bites I saw in Family Fun magazine this month. Did you see it? They looked yummy and easy so we gave it a go. I took pictures and will post a tutorial next. I will admit that Abby stuck with it to the end. She loved dipping the apples into the chocolate. (she's my chocolate girl)

I also started the chili - picked up the house, got the games and prizes ready for the school parties then got Abby ready for school. I wasn't sure what she was going to wear since she has already changed her mind twice so I let her figure it out. Snow White was the costume for school! She looked so cute and wore her dress-up RED high heeled shoes. My Mom got them at a garage sale from a tiny little old lady. The girls have worn them to death! I have never let them wear them out of the house before but she needed red shoes and her dress was a bit I let her. I think all the little kindergarten girls loved them too!
I was able to stay and see Abby in her school parade (the whole school does a parade with each child holding the book they are dressed up after. (this makes costumes legal at school). Kindergartners are first in the parade. She was cute. Then I had to rush off and head over to Cassidy's school and get the party set up while they did their parade. 4th graders are much different than kindergartners aren't they? Their costumes were more scary, more messy, less frills and foof. They still were having a great time though!

Brooke and I had a bit of drama in the class party situation. The teacher had informed the sub that there were three Mom's planning the party but didn't tell the three Mom's that there were three Mom's. Have I lost you? Basically there were WAY to many Chiefs at this party! Way-Way too many chiefs. So much so that the teacher is going to get a call when she gets back from the party mom's who are Brook and I. Jeez! The only thing I am going to say about it is that the kids had a great time and didn't know us Mom's were having issues. (usually there aren't enough Mom's who want to help - this time too many for sure!)When I got home I finished making the chili, cut up the toppings for the chili, got everything in the food department set out, went out to see how the movie set up was going and do you know what?...........Kurt and Pam (my bro & sil) had brought his BIG huge rock band speakers and set those up. The kids were out on the driveway dancing to HSM3 and having the time of their lives. My brother & SIL are so awesome! And those things are heavy - let me tell you! Yes we watched the movie in style last night!Lot's of people came and went, we ate almost three batches of chili and four packages of hot dogs, 9 2 liter bottles of soda, who knows how much candy and 3 bags of Frito's. I will say that even though throwing a party is a lot more work than I plan on (it always is isn't it?) it was worth it and I can't wait to do it again next year!

(pictures will be posted tomorrow - I'm tired and going to bed)


Becca said...

Wow, what a day. It does sound a little simlar to mine, except the helping mom issues and big, fun party at the end of the day. I'm glad you pulled it off...but then again, was there even a question? You are Cara:)

miscellany said...

You are so fun, thanks for being a great neighbor.

Anny said...

You know how to have fun! Wish we could have joined you! Cute costumes