Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween

I just have to post a few more pictures from Halloween. One of my favorite parts of this fun holiday is seeing all the fun costumes people come up with. I took a few pictures of my favorites. I didn't get them all - there just wasn't enough of me to go around. But I love how everyone was so creative.

Garrett loved being Buzz Light Year. I think he's such a cutie-he took his role very seriously. When asked if he was Buzz he said" No I am not Buzz! I am Garrett! I just have a Buzz Light Year costume on." Glad to know that dude.
This I think has to be my favorite of the night. Zac wanted to be a Robot and his parents made that happen. Yes folks this is a made-from-scratch costume. My brother is an engineer you know. My brother and SIL I think should win a prize-notice the little light on his chest? They MADE that! It's a mold of hot glue and a light hooked up to who knows what but it totally worked! His legs??? Amazing I just have to say - Amazing!!!I had to cheat and put a picture of my girls on here. This was taken by One HM over at sunshine and shade. Aren't they cute?! Too bad this was the only time Abby wore this costume. (she is a true girl and changed her mind a lot this year!)Here is my newest nephew Berkeley (named after my Dad's Alma Mater) He is my little snuggle bug and take a look at those eye lashes!! Man - the girls are in for a treat when he gets older! You can see on his cheek how us girls are already loving on him NOW!!! (kiss marks)

Monica and Chris stole the show at the Trunk-or-Treat Thursday night. She IS the Queen of Halloween and all so every year she has something fun and creative. I wish I had gotten a better picture of them but I had to fight the paparazzi just to get this photo! They were out in droves and I'm sure the secret service had their hands full!
Then there is cute Emma from down the street. Did you see this costume in Family Fun Magazine? I did and thought it was cute but boy is it cuter in person. Plus Emma is a cutie which helps out a lot! (how many times did I just say some form of cute - jeez?!)
Yes, those are bath poofs helping her look like a pink poodle. LOVE IT!!!
Notice how tuff her brothers are - scary guns guys!!!


Becca said...

Love the costumes. That Monica sure looks like Palin. I love seeing the costumes as well, what great ideas people come up with. Where were you and your costume?

Kass said...

Great costumes! Your girls are gorgeous! The robot is amazing.

raising4boys said...

Your girls look adorable. As for the robot, I knew I had seen that around. Didn't know you were related to Pam. But that would make sense because I met her through the blessings project. But I didn't know there was a light on the front. Even cooler. What a great brother you have.

Cindy said...

So, Paul was looking at your blog with me one night and he saw the picture of Cass and Abby together in their costumes and said that they look like they could be real blood sisters. They really do look alike, Cara!! I think that is just soo cool!