Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas.........


I don't think so.

This morning I turned on the news so I could see what happened with the storm last night. The wind and rain kept waking me up it was soooo loud! We found out that a lot of rain was dumped on the valley and snow in the mountains is heavy but nothing major.

Then the news people kept talking about the after Christmas sales. They said it would be better than Black Friday! Well after hearing about it for about a half an hour we decided to clean up the house and head out to see what all the talk was about.

Um, yeah. This after Christmas sale stuff is a farce. I was looking for another great deal like an $8 vacuum and a $130 Kitchen aid. (Which I am still mad I didn't buy either at the black friday sale!) No such luck. In fact, we didn't really find any good deals. We were very disappointed and we went to two malls, a Lowes, Costco, Sams Club, Sports Chalet and Hobby Lobby. I have to say Hobby Lobby WAS pretty good. I would have bought some stuff but we spent our extra money on a Christmas tree for next year. They had beautiful real looking Christmas trees and they were 50% off. We decided to save a tree and go for the fake-y even though it looks like a real-y. Hee-Hee! I would really like to know the secret to the after Christmas sales. Is it just Christmas stuff? Winter stuff? What? I am at a loss here.

We stopped in at Build-a Bear to use the gift card the girls got from Uncle Jones and Aunt Joni. We got about as far as the store next door because there was a line out the door at build-a-bear and it kept going past the next store front. Can you believe that? Who knew Build-a-bear was such an after Christmas hot spot? Poor Abby, she has been saving her money for weeks to go and I keep putting her off. The day finally came and we didn't even go in. (there was no way I was going to wait in that line!) So we went to a movie instead. The Tale of Despereaux. It was cute- not as cute as the book but still cute. That cheered her up! We ate popcorn and red vines for dinner and washed it down with soda. Yes, I know - I said no more junk. Tomorrow I guess!

We came home to a clean house with our tummies full of movie food and got snuggled up in our p.j.s. I'm off to snuggle up in my cozy bed and hopefully have a good night sleep. I'm crossing my fingers I am not woken up by storms, Flower the cat, a little snuggle bunny named Abby or too many trips to the bathroom! (getting old has disadvantages!)

Sweet Dreams ♥


Crystal Star said...

Good to know. I won't waste my time. I went to Designer Blvd today and they were having a sale on Christmas stuff only. Still not affordable. But cute. I didn't buy anything.

Jenifer said...

I was having remorse for not going out, now I feel better! glad you had a great Christmas!

idahohubers said...

Bummer about the sales. I went for my annual trip to Bella Fina and hit gold on Christmas decorations so I was happy. I'm glad I didn't go all over looking for deals after all though like I planned. Sounds like you had a wonderful day despite the glitches.