Friday, January 30, 2009

I just listened to my very full home voice mail. It was so full people couldn't leave any more messages. Now I need to go listen to my cell phone voive mail and am not looking forward to it. I think my favorite order of calling is:

1st - talk in person. I love to talk on the phone-if you know me you know this to be true.
2nd- texting. I used to not be a fan but with my new phone I am catching on. Still if the texting gets to be too long or I have too much to say - I stop texting and call. Again - if you know me you know this to be true.
3rd- voicemail. I hate it. I hate leaving a message - I hate listening to messages. Not sure why really, I just know it's way down on the list.
Are you getting ready for Valentines Day? I am getting excited. I already have scoured the $1 bins at Target and Joann's and gotten all my little presents for my girls from the Valentine Fairy.
Do you remember this post about the Valentine Banner we made last year? Or this post about my Valentine cards I made for the girls? I'm going to make these cards again because 1) they were so darn cute 2) they are at different schools this year and 3) I have an idea on how to make them even better! I am hoping to be feeling good enough to decorate the house this weekend. I have a few things to put up - wreath on the door, mantle to turn all mushy-gushy red and pink and I'm going to hang the Valentine bags on the back of the chairs so the Valentine Fairy can come. (she comes everyday untill V-day and leaves notes or presents in the bags). I know some people aren't fans of Valentines Day but I am one of the FANS for sure!!!♥♥♥♥

Jeez- I sure said Valentine a lot up there didn't I?

I remember seeing a lot of cute ideas last year for cards, presents, class craft ideas, class treats to make etc. I didn't save any of them and am now very sad! If you have any good sites or ideas send them over and I'll post them for all to share. That is if you want to share (wink)

I did check out Family Fun and they had a whole page of goodies. They are a great stand by for sure! They have something for every holiday, birthday, craft, game, whatever! Check the Valentine ideas HERE. The scrapbook sites have tons of great ideas that I might have to check out too. We are a crafty family over here so it's fun to get new ideas to share with the girls.

I'm going to go lay down for my morning rest. I was doing to much earlier in the week and had a BAD couple of days. BAD is in I WANT TO DIE BAD!!! I'm on the up now which is sooooo great. I will be keeping a low profile though for at least a few more days. I don't want to go back to the BAD state!!!!


Anny said...

You are so good with holidays. I wish we lived by each other so I could spend half my life doing crafts and the cutest things ever with you. Maybe someday! As for now, amen on messages- I hate them too! I love talking and texting and tell everyone who yells at me, because my voice mail on my cell phone is not set up, to - just text me or wait until I call you back :)

I hope you are over your BAD days and feel better! I'll call soon!

Lynn F. said...

Hi Cara,
We missed Abby today. Hope she's well. It was great to see you this week but I hope you rest now and get your strength back. Please post pics of your mantle etc.. You have such great ideas. See you soon.

Becca said...

Thank you soooo much for the great ideas. I'm sick of the store bought v-cards. I have three kids to make cards though, I'm sure I'll pick the easy, fast ones. But, they will be homemade ").

Hope you are feeling better. It is hard to not do what you want to do.