Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last night Abby woke up coughing. I took her in the kitchen, got her some medicine and a cough drop and put her back into bed. No sleeping with Mom and Dad when you are a bed hog.

(This is Tom and I with Abby and Flower the cat taking up most of the room- we also can't forget that Tom sleeps with four pillows and I sleep with three! Let's add that up - Two adults with seven pillows, one cat and one five year old. See why I took Miss Abby back to bed?)

I then climbed back into my bed and lay there thinking for a good hour. I always have the best blog posts that run through my head right before I go to sleep. I think to myself - oooh that's a good one - remember that. Then when I get up in the morning it's all a hazy, distant, floating out in brainland memory that I can't quite grasp and bring back. sighhhh
Last night I was thinking about how good I can see in the dark. It's like I have night vision or something. I can get up, go to the bathroom, get a drink, whatever and see pretty clearly everything around me. Everything is in black and white - I love that. It gives things a different perspective doesn't it? Have you ever wondered why there is no color anywhere at night. Just shades of black, white and gray. I'm sure I learned something about this in school but I'm not recalling exactly the scientific reasoning. Let's just say that's it's pretty cool and leave it at that.

Tonight the girls and I watched Just my Luck with Lindsey Lohan. It was very cute. My girls loved it. I was impressed that they said "oh my gosh" instead of the other more profound way. I was also disappointed that they used the S word more than a few times. Why do they have to do that? Anyway - still a cute movie even though I had to say, "um-that's a bad word- don't say that" to the girls. They have to learn the bad words somehow and since I'm not going to be saying them I have to teach them somehow. (I'm thinking positive)

I'm off to bed - I'm sooo tired. I think I did too much today. the sad thing is, it wasn't much! I just keep telling myself that this is MUCH better than a hip replacement and I'm only one week into recovery. Once more week and I'm sure I'll have my sass back!



uniquelynat said...

OK WOW! So where have I been!!?!! actually- i've been at home with sick kids going on 2 weeks now. i'm in survival mode here. anyway- glad to hear that all went well with your surgery. hope you keep recovering well! love you!!!

Kimmurs said...


Kass said...

Hang in there my friend :) Wish I were there. . .sniff.

Megan said...

yes, your sass is what we are waiting for, but we can all be patient while you get better.

I suppose

Crazymamaof6 said...

cute post!
love the cough syrup one. hee hee so true.

now i remember what that movie is. i've actually seen it. cute.

ah sadly my kids learn all the bad words from me.

hang in there.

Anny said...

I had to laugh at your sleeping arrangements! Jim and I were visited in the night with two additional bodies and smashed to death. Hope you have a better week!

Becca said...

I can not sleep with any one else in the bed either. Maren just slept on the floor next to our bed just last night. That movie is a cute movie, I don't think my kids have seen it yet.