Friday, February 27, 2009

What to Plant NOW

I was on Sunset Magazine trying to get an idea on what to plant in the garden. I know I need to plant soon. We are already in the 70's and 80's here in the Southwest Desert. Sunset is always my backup guide and info guru on what to plant.

Here's what they say:

• Corn (through mid-Mar or late Aug through Sep in zone 13)
• Cucumbers (Feb and April or mid-Aug through Sep in zone 13)
• Melons (seeds or seedlings; through Mar or mid-Jul through Aug in zone 13)
• Potatoes (through Apr in zone 10; Feb 15 through Mar 15 in zone 11)
• Squash (seeds or seedlings; mid-Feb through Apr, and August in zone 13)
• Tomatoes (mid-Feb through Mar in zone 13)
• Zucchini (seeds; mid Feb through Apr, or Aug in zone 13)

Enrich soil:
• Till cover crops into soil
• Add compost
• Add organic fertilizer

• Chiles (seedlings; mid-Mar through early May in zone 11; mid-Mar through Apr in zone 13)
• Corn (mid-Mar through mid-Apr and early Aug in zone 12; late Mar through Jul in zone 10; Mar 1–5 through Apr, and Jul through Aug 15 in zone 11)
• Edamame (seeds; mid-Mar through Apr, or early Aug in zone 11–12; Mar through mid-Apr and mid-Aug through mid-Sep in zone 13)
• Lemon tree (zone 13)
• Melons (seeds; mid-Mar through mid-Jun in zone 11; Mar through Apr or early Jul in zone 12)
• Squash (seeds or seedlings; mid-Mar through early Jul in zone 11; Mar through May in zone 12)
• Tomatoes (mid-Mar through mid-Apr in zone 12; mid-Mar through Apr in zone 11)
• Zucchini (seeds; mid-Mar through early Jul in zone 11; Mar through May in zone 12)

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I know I'm going to plant:


Romaine Lettuce

more Strawberry's (mine have lasted all winter!)

Those seem to have done very well in my little garden. I want to try peppers and zucchini. not sure I'll have room for zucchini but I'm going to try it. Maybe in a pot. If you have never gardened before. Don't be afraid. Get a pot and plant something! ANYTHING!! It's so rewarding, addicting I love it.

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I'm also going to revamp my back landscaping. I wasn't going to touch it because I thought we weren't going to stay in this house for long but I just can't stand all that horrid ROCK any longer! I need green, blooming plants, COLOR! I need lush, calming, tranquil and beauty. So I'm going to slowly be adding things and see how it goes. Come on over and take a peak. You're always welcome.

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Would you just LOVE to be little and have this to play in???? A flowering playhouse just for you? I think I have two little girls that would live in it all summer. Now......where to plant it in my little backyard?


Vidal's Nest said...

I love beautiful gardens and gardening!
We just planted some zuccini, squash, melons, cucumbers strawberries,and peppers! They are doing fantastic and my little ones are having so much fun with dad weeding and watering them everyday.
I'll have to come see what you are able to do with landscaping here in Az! I hate not having a big beautiful flower garden!

Nikki said...

I wish I could do that. I wish I had a green thumb and I wish that when I do make the effort to garden (flower and food), that weeds wouldn't grow so fast that I can't keep up with them!

Anny said...

I would love to start a garden! He he. I will just have to remove 4 ft. of snow first! Thanks for posting some beautiful pictures, they made my day a little brighter. Good luck with your garden.