Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting the Garden In

I am excited to see how this turns out! Purple leaf Basil.
Abby getting in the hard spots and planting most of the plants. (sometimes she can be quite bossy! I like to get my hands dirty too...but nooooooo not with her around!)
Do you see my romaine going to seed there on the left and below? It just starts growing tall and funky and when that happens you don't want to eat it - too bitter! I pulled it out! (this is when it would be nice to have bunnies or chickens-to eat my scraps!)

The other day Abby and I headed out to Lowe's to get some new plants for the garden. At my old house I would have ordered plants because of the volume I would have needed. (my old garden was bigger than my yard is now - sniff, sniff).

For this tiny little plot of raised dirt I just got some:
Roma Tomatoes - they did so well last year!
Basil - three plants YUMMY!
Purple Basil - never had it but thought it would be pretty in my Chicken Scampi
Thyme - Love how it spreads and looks all lacy.
Cilantro - because we eat mexican food so much!
Jalapeno Peppers- two plants because you can have tomatoes and cilantro with out hot peppers!!

I am wondering how lettuce will do right now. I still have two huge heads of Romain but would like to plant more. I had 8 heads but have given them away since some of them were going to seed. They did great with no effort on my part and am now a HUGE fan!!!!

I have always been a flower girl but with my raised bed I just have to fill it with food! The rest of the yard will get the flowers and fun plants.

I'm off now to go get ready for our Spring Break trip. Had to get the garden in before it rained and we left for vacation!


Cyndi said...

I love your gardening tips, I've wasted so much money trying to figure things out on how to garden in AZ. We came from Pennsylvania where you just plant and wait! I miss that!! But I sure don't miss the gray days and snow and slush and cold!

How are you feeling?? We miss you guys.

Let Your Hair Down said...

hey, did you still need me for the next two weeks? i am happy to help :) just send the lessons over etc... Thanks! Have a wonderful vacation! you all deserve it!

Anny said...

Let me just say - jealous! Love your garden, have a great spring break!

Becca said...

Your garden looks so great! I told my kids we were going to do one this year. I guess I need to start thinking what, where, and how. YIKES.

loving life with livie said...

you are so talented! love it!