Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime.............

When All The World Is Gray................

Oh, wait a's not summertime is it? Well, you could have fooled us! It's been in the 80's and I just need to say to all my friends who live in SNOW right now.

You can make fun of us all you want when it's 120 outside but in the month of February and March when the kids can LIVE outside in their bathing suits. This is my dreamworld.

The sign the girls made.
Raspberry Lemonade
Brittley and Abby
Cassidy and Shelby
I love this picture of Britts-so happy and sunny!
Fresh Lemons Rok!! Love the spelling.
Cassidy waiting for the rush
The kiddo's all ready to make some cash-o-la!!!

The other day the girls with their friends around the corner made a Lemonade Stand. They did it all themselves. Made the signs, took the table and chairs outside, found the cute tablecloth. Cassidy even made the lemonade with the newly fresh squeezed lemon juice I just had put in the freezer for summer. I was so proud! ♥
Abby with Grandma Diane

While they were waiting outside for customers I called our neighbor who we have adopted as Grandma. I said" Grandma Diane!!! There are some little girls outside who are selling lemonade and I just wanted you to know." She said...hmmm I was feeling a little thirsty" The the doorbell rang. She answered it while I was still on the phone and all I hear is, "Lemonade for Sale!!!" as loud as can be. Those girls went right to the door for some sales. (they also went to every other door on the street) Tom came home and the girls pounced on him and Chris. Hope they were as thirsty as they said they were. Next time the girls do it we will send them over to Shelby and Brittleys house on gymnastic day. That will give them a good traffic flow so maybe they can make double!!!
They pounced on Chris and he made their day!

The girls had a BLAST!!!
All the neighbors were great sports.
And the girls made $16.81.
Not bad for being in recession!!!!!


Kass said...

Yes, I'm jealous. Not to mention the fact that all our friends are on a couples trip in Mexico and 2 weeks ago our other traveling buddies took the annual excursion to Maui. It's still cold & snowy here.

I love the signs, presentation & the tasty looking lemonade! Cute girls!

Britta said...

Call me over next time well...I tip well! I love home made lemonade.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

yum!!! I want some!! Next time post before there lemonade stand opens!! I will be there!!

How funny for the girls!!!

Anny said...

I want to be their customer!!! I love lemonade and warm weather! Love the pictures, your kids are so cute and creative.