Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Madness

I couldn't sleep last night. Oh the insanity!!! I have been sleeping very, very good lately. This is a first for me. So last night when I had such trouble I was bugged and hoped that my good sleeping habits weren't over. I think it was just hot and the three hour nap didn't help things. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be better tonight.

My Aunt Kathy has been here since Thursday. She came to see my Aunt Janet (these are my Mom's sisters) who has been sick and in the hospital for over a month! She's doing much better and has declared this to be "fight month!" She said she's going home this month! Yippee!

Aunt Kathy and I have had fun together. We have shopped, went out to lunch, had all the family over (cousins and all), had a Wii tournament, made two blankets for her to take home (one for a baby present and one just for her). She's fun to have around and since I don't have my Mom it's an extra special treat! The girls adore her and again - since no Grandma Goose (that's what they called my Mom) Auntie is the next best thing!

Yesterday I took pictures of my cute kiddos in my primary class. I'm hoping to be a little creative and make some kind of Mothers Day gift for their Mothers. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of something like this Book of Kisses. It looks a bit complex but I am hoping I may be able to simplify it. Send me your ideas if you have any!! When I told the kids what I was planning to do - put lipstick on them and have them kiss paper for their Mom's they thought that was hilarious!!! The giggles were priceless!

I did a few edits on the photo shoot I did on Wednesday. I'll have to post some. I was only the helper but I did get a few cute ones! That's always fun!

Today was Abby's teachers birthday. The room Mom had a brilliant idea. She sent home a note last week telling us parents that it was her birthday and to send in one flower with their child. She also enclosed a little piece of paper with a hole in the corner and a piece of ribbon to have the child write a note and tie it to the flower. When the kids got dropped off for school they each handed the teacher the flower (or in most cases flowerSSSS) She looked like Miss America with he big bunch of flower love!!!! What a great idea!!!!!! I just had to share♥

I'm off to make dinner. Beef Stew was the request. I have 6 loads of laundry to fold and put away and I need to mop the kitchen floor. Do you think if I get this all done I will be so tired that I will have NO trouble sleeping? Here's hoping!


idahohubers said...

Busy week - I love reading about it all. I don't know if Kathy is still there but hug her for me if she is! Sleep tight :) Oh, the mother's day kiss book idea is super cute. I may have my kids make one for me!

Shelly said...

I saw same thing about the book of kisses for primary class, and wanted to do something like that. That looked like to much so I am going to have them make love boxes. I had the kids right 10 things they loved about their mom, and next week we are decorating the boxes, and putting the papers inside. Including a picture and a note from them!!! maybe that will help your creative mind. You are way better at this stuff then me, so tell me if anything else comes to you!!

Kass said...

You are such a mover and a shaker, Cara. Glad you're having such great time with your Aunt. Laundry always does me in. . .so I'm crossing my fingers for a good nights sleep for ya!

Love ya!