Monday, June 8, 2009

Surprise Blogging Guest!

I went to my SIL Elena's house the other day so the girls could play with the cousins and Grandma. I walked up to her door and just had to take a picture.
Now here's the kicker........
The SIL doesn't know that I have taken the picture.
Shhhh lets see how long it takes her to notice.
I don't think she even reads my blog.

Anyway, this SIL (Tom's only sister) is the Decorating Diva in the family.
She always - and I mean AlWaYs has some new project in the works over at her house. Like her front door for example.
Isn't it just the cutest thing ever???
Love the awning.
Love, Love, Love It!
Those awnings (there are three) have been in her room,
over her kitchen cupboards
and now one of them have made a home over the front door.
Did I mention she is also the queen of rearranging and changing things?
Well, she is!
(Maybe when she finds out I have made her a guest blogger
she will give me an awning for my front door.

She is also the master at Ebay. That's where she got this awesome doorbell.
OK it's not really a doorbell it's a crosswalk signal but it's a doorbell NOW!!!
I love it! I know I already said that but it's true!

This just goes to show you that you don't HAVE to have a boring ol' cookie cutter house.
You can add your own personality and make your house your
VeRy OwN hOmE!
So hit the thrift stores, antique shops, ebay and garage sales this weekend.
Add some flair to your house and make yourself


onehm said...

THIS IS AWESOME. She is one talented lady!!!! ;)

Kristi said...

Seriously, every time we go over there there is something new and extremely cute! And I just love when she has me for Christmas! :-)

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