Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun Summer Reads

First of all, I haven’t read a book in AGES!!!! I haven’t even read the book club selections in probably 6 months (shhhh don’t tell they might kick me out!). I just haven’t been in a reading mood. Nothing was “striking my fancy” you could say. Actually I have been so dead tired that reading just hasn’t crossed my mind. I’m trying to just play catch up all the time!!

That has all changed!!! I took the girls a few weeks back to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and got a few for myself. These have been my favorite so far. The Icing on the cake my total favorite!!! I grabbed it on the way out of the library not even reading the back cover and it was THE CUTEST BOOK! 1st of all – it is an LDS writer, 2nd there are no bad words or sex, 3rd it was set in Monterey – HELLO my own home town and 4th it is soooo like the shopaholic books with the poor girl having many a misfortune. Oh it was cute and hilarious and had a happy ending just like I like it! Read it! I promise you will love it!

icing on the cake I loved Goose Girl from the same author so I figured I would like this one too. Cassidy checked it out from the library and I snagged it from her. Even though it says for grades 5-9 I loved it and it was a fast, easy and fun read. I might even go and buy it and read it aloud to my girls. I remember my Mom reading Black Beauty and Little House on the Prairie to us (and other books too). I loved it. Maybe I could get a CD of the book and listen to it in the car. Princess acadamy

This was a very fun read also. Made me think of how I could make the world a little better. I for sure don’t have $275 million to spare like she did but I could still up my game and look out for others.

blessings book I’m out of books so I better head to the library and see if anything else strikes my fancy♥!

What have you been reading this summer?


Kristi said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm always looking for something new to ready (I'm a total nerd!) Next on my list is a best-seller I just heard about - The Time Traveller's Wife. Sounds like it's a romance/sci-fi. There's a movie coming out in Aug with Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana, so I thought I'd read it before I see it!

Webb Family said...

Thanks for all the great ideas on books to read, I need a new one!
Oh and I borrowed "Pope Joan" from Monica.

sherri fay said...

Just finished Hungar Games and A thousand splended suns. Great books!

Anonymous said...

I am just about done with "The Five Love Languages, Singles Edition." I love it and know that any of the 5 love languages books have helped me with all of my relationships/friendships! I have the Original and the Children's edition and just added the Singles edition! Like I said, they were great!

Stephanie Woods (Farnsworth)