Friday, June 19, 2009

Now and Then♥Abby and Jill♥

IMG_8539 abby and jill
1st and second pictures:
I am loving these. Abby still makes that crazy face – she cracks me up. I can’t believe how time just flies on by! Look how big she is now!!! Still cute as ever – but BIGGER ( with MUCH more hair♥)!
3rd and 4th pictures:
Jill and Abby – best friends since birth. They have a special bond and it shows. Jill was here the other weekend from CO. and I did a little photo shoot of them knowing I had the same picture in the same spot when they were little.
Hoping we can get Skype up and running so they can still talk to each other and stay close. Don’t you just love modern technology?

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