Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Friday

Since I have pretty much been having fun ALL week, today is going to be spent at home.
(OK...I did already have a Dr. appt and went to a baby shower but hey I was home by 11am)

I have been trying to find a fun thing to make for us to wear/take to the New Moon movie. remember these?Me, Monica and Michelle at Twilight

We can't make another cup. We need to be more creative. Monica has thought necklaces would be fun. I think they would be cute but...hard. She wants to make some like these:

While searching I have found a lot of fun things. I am loving ETSY and everyones creative blogs. Endless fun if you have endless time! Check out a few of my favorite finds today:

Homemade snow cone syrup
we eat A LOT of snow cones over here with

Crap I've Made
love the name! (I saw the blog HERE)

I also saw this amazingly crafty blog there:
Trey and Lucy
She has a fun necklace tutorial that looks fun and easy!

Anyone in Young Woman's at Church? If you are you need THIS blog!!! My friend Shanna is so darn creative I can't stand it. I'm thinking I could still use these ideas but for Primary!

Rain Gutter Book Shelves
these are going in Abby's room!

My Sweet Savannah
I could spend all day on this blog!

Have fun looking♥ Notice none of these sites have anything to do with Vampires. I guess I will have to continue the search!


Nikki said...

You always find the best sites. Thanks for always sharing your wealth of knowledge and tips. Now to find time to red through them all!! (Gotta get those kids into school fast! :)

I am totally impressed that you were done at 11am with a dr appt. AND a baby shower?! Wow!

Erin said...

Thanks, just what I needed more blogs to add to my google reader.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Thanks for linking to me. You and Abby will love the rain gutter shelves!

michellejohnnie said...

Wow! thanks for mentioning my blog in this post! I'm glad you like what I find in blog world!

Anny said...

Cute ideas. I can't wait to see their rooms. Are you done yet??????