Monday, August 3, 2009

Need Ideas…….

blue and green room 

 I’m in the middle of re-doing the girls rooms.  Ideally I would love to have everything done before school starts but there is no way I am going to paint while they are underfoot.  Cassidy wants her room to be blue and green.  I was having a hard time envisioning a room in those colors that didn’t look boyish.  That is until I found the picture above.  I thinks it’s crisp, clean, fresh and girly.  I love how they have five different patterns on the bed.  It does look cozy!  Cassidy’s bed and dresser are antique and dark brown so there won’t be as much white but I have been inspired for sure!  We did find bedding that is white, blue and green polka dots.  I just can’t get enough dots these days!  The pink polka dots that were on the bed are going back in the closet.  Maybe I’ll sell them.  I’m not sure yet.

bedroom mirror (country living)

I LOVE soft blue and pink!!  I wish Cassidy would let me do her room in those colors….but she is not – nor has she ever been – a pink girl.  Isn’t this the cutest desk ever!! (picture courtesy of Country Living)  I would love to sit here and put my make-up on each day!  Maybe I could do it in blue and green – or blue and white!  Ah-Ha!  There’s an idea.  (I even have that cute light but in pink!)

my fav girly room

And if dreams could come true I would do Abby’s room just like this!  So girly and fancy and cozy!  I want this room for myself.  Can you see Tom sleeping in that bed?  Ha-Ha I don’t think so.  But Abby my girly-girl would love it.  (picture courtesy of HGTV)

So……if you have any pictures of cute girls rooms, send them my way.  I’m up for all the inspiration I can get!


Let Your Hair Down said...

all so beautiful!

Christi said...

Where do you find these fabulous pictures?! Jeff is turning the AZ room into a dining room (as we speak) and I've got to figure out how to decorate!

Dancin Queen said...

We need after pictures.