Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Front Door

It sure doesn't feel like fall around here, it's still in the high 80's!
But it is starting to look like fall at our house.
I love these spiders crawling up our door.
They really do freak people out when they walk up. Kids love 'em!
The spiders go up from the corner crack,
all the way up the door, through the wreath and to the queen spider!
I'm not one for "spooky" decorating. in fact the large pumpkin with his evil grin is a little much for me. I love that I can take down the spiders and change a few things inside the house and it can last all through the month of November.
What's your front door doing this holiday season?
Do you like spooky-scary Halloween decor or more of a fall festive type theme?
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uniquelynat said...

how funny. i was having this conversation with my sister (the one you met at tofw. you know-laughing at life's little wedgies)just yesterday. we are both of the mind set that we do NOT enjoy the scary, gross halloween decor. I LOVE the vintage style stuff...u know the kind you can only get at NOT walmart? hence- i don't have much of it.

But i am not really a halloween person anyway. I am TOTALLY a fall person. And my children don't seem to care what kind of decorations they are as long as there are some. So that makes me happy. I still need to bring out my fall village. Yes a FALL village...not winter. don't have one of those. Don't really want one. But my fall village was one of the best birthday presents I EVER got!! (i'm that much a fall lover)

but i love love love your spiders!! your whole front porch looks SO cute. I wish I had front door is flush with the front of my house. DON'T love it... i'm thinking i need a pergola. And my front door is naked. i better fix that soon! (it's probably embarrassed)


Lori ~ LL-K said...

Love it!!! It looks really good!! Simple but very festive... I keep telling you to write a book!!

idahohubers said...

Your pumpkin does not have an EVIL grin :) I agree on the gross, creepy decorations though - No thanks! I bought a vintage looking glittery "trick or treat" banner at Micheals (Martha Stewart) and had to take the skulls off because they were too creepy for me!

Anny said...

Love the spiders! I wish I had my fall decor, in storage still!