Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Examples and Feeling Blessed

Last night we went to a wedding reception. It was beautiful. The grounds were amazing! I couldn't believe something so pretty existed right here in my little town! It made me want to re-do my backyard to look just-like-it! The decorations were hot pink, orange and brown and my mind was brimming with ideas of how I could throw a party in those exact colors!!!

The girls and I got all gussied up in our finest dresses to attend. They were so excited to see the bride even though we were friends of the groom and didn't know the bride. All little girls can't help but want to see a pretty bride! Tom came home already dressed in his suit so off we went.

I was excited and nervous because I hadn't seen the groom since he was........5 years old. He was my favorite little dude back then. I babysat for his family but would call his Mom and ask if I could come get him for a play date. He was spunky and funny and the cutest little guy ever! We would go everywhere together. In fact my friend Mardi and I would fight over him and go to great lengths in coming up with fabulous activities to take him to.

A few months ago when his Mom called (we still keep in touch) to tell me he was getting married I was thrilled. She brought me up to date on what their family had been doing and what Colten had accomplished (flight school!) and I promised I would be at the reception.

When we got there the bride and groom were busy dancing so I talked to the family and took a tour of the grounds. When I was going out one of the doors Colten was coming in. He looked at me - had faint recognition then his face lit up and he said,
"Oh my....CARA!"
and gave me the biggest tightest hug ever. It warmed my heart. I was his Cara all those years ago.

We met his beautiful bride, I introduced him to Tom and the girls we had a little catch up and then he was gone. Of for more dancing and socializing. We stayed a while longer then dragged the girls out of there to go home and get ready for bed.

All night I kept thinking how amazing it is the impact - however small - we have on one anothers lives. I'm not sure how much of an impact I had on Colten but he is one of the reasons I wanted to be a mother. I wanted a little boy with as much spunk and personality as him! (even though he drove his mother crazy back then!) His parents had a huge impact on me. I loved them and wanted to have a marriage and friendship like them. After I would babysit we would sit and talk about life. They helped me through many things without even knowing they were helping. They were such an example to me.

Growing up we didn't have any family close - at all. My grandmother came every other year at Christmas and that was about it. We relied on our friends being our family. We had a wonderful tight community that gave us plenty of opportunity to have close "family" friends. I had adopted grandparents (two sets) and a next door family that we called the Mom Auntie Eva and the kids our cousins. I also had several Mother figures I admired while growing up and Colten's mom was one of them. Everyone helped raise and look after each others kids and it worked.

I now live among family. In fact we have so much family on both sides it's hard to have family gatherings for the lack of space. I'm so thankful to have been blessed by friends and family now and in the past. They are the reason I am who I am. Their examples, encouragement and strength have enlightened me. Thank you for that! I feel blessed.


Nikki said...

That is a great gratitude post! Love it!

Susie said...

Oh my gosh Cara that is sooo cute. :) I wonder if the kids I nannied when I was a young 20 something would remember me now?
Family is such a blessing but so many of my closest friends and their families have become my extended and I feel my life wouldn't be complete without each and every one of them.

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH SO SWEET! love this post and that you went and he remembered you. awww. brought tears to my eyes. that's totally awesome!

Becca said...

I loved hearing a little of your history. It is so fun to remember the precious moments in life. (can you believe this little boy you babysat is now married? CRAZY)