Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guess What?

I have a new blog crush.
I haven't blog surfed in a while - no time and all.
Yesterday I was in a rut and didn't feel like doing anything.
So I didn't.
I face booked and blogged most of the day.
I was in my pajamas till 2pm.
That is where I found my new blog crush.
Do you want to crush on it too?
OK I'll share:

Clover Lane

Do you have a blog crush?
Care to share?


onehm said...

I have been reading her blog for months, and I MUST SAY that it is a little slice of heaven....can you believe her HOUSE??
She could TOTALLY be our friend IRL, don't you think??

crystal said...

I am a Blog Floozie because I have LOTS of blog crushes :)