Thursday, November 12, 2009

House Week - Amberly's Room

This was a labor or love and I had fun doing it
(even though it took a few months)
This little nightstand was at D.I. for $10bucks! I just did a little spray paint job and turned it into Amberly's bed side table. It holds her glass of water and books. it'[s perfect!
Oh and I added a new glass knob!

This room has not been finished but has all the basics done.
Lighting, paint, bedding.
Now I just need to work on the personal touches.
This is where Amberly spends most of her time - her desk. I found it as is at an antique store for $90. The pretty little iron chair was $20 at the same store - different booth. All I had to do is re-cover the seat to match the bedding.
This was my Grandmothers Ballerina Picture.
I love it! it's an original chalk drawing and is another priceless possession.
We all love Amberly's Bed.
I still need to get curtains and fabric for the cornice above her bed.

I know it's pink and pink can get a little much very, very fast. It turned out perfect for this little princess who has always loved the color pink. I felt that I needed to get all the frills in that I can before she grows up and doesn't want it anymore! She loved it and that's all that matters.


uniquelynat said...

OH. MY. HECK! what a perfect room for a perfect princess!!! I seriously LOVE the ballerina picture. it's beautiful. i am SUPER excited about all this decorating stuff. sepcially since i am starting to do my house. i have spent this week cleaning out my room and have finally figured out the colors i want! i can't wait!!

i love to see what you are doing.thanks for the peek!!

CindyLou said...

So so cute, Cara Sue! I seriously wish you were closer so you could help me do something -- anything -- with my house!!

Ros said...

You have soo inspired me with the paint and the dresser =) I guess grandma will have to roll over in her grave when she realizes what I've done to some of her little tables...

Think Pink said...

Looks ADORABLE! Great Job!

Becca said...

I love it, you do such a great job. What great ideas!

Webb Family said...

Cara, it turned out beautiful & I'm sure Abby is thrilled too!!
Love the desk & mirror.

Anny said...

Too cute. But I'm not surprised. You are so talented. Funny thing we have the exact same night stand. My brother gave it to us a few years ago and last year I painted it green and pink to match Brynn's room. I love it.