Saturday, November 14, 2009

House Week - Homes for Sale

Do you love to look on the Internet at homes for sale like me? It's a favorite pastime and one that I try to limit since it eats up a lot of time but is oh-so-fun!

I also love to watch home buying/selling shows. I think I need to get my real estate license so I can buy and sell homes for people and get paid for doing what I love.

Some of my favorite house shows are:
Million Dollar Listing
Flipping Out
House Hunters International

Some of my favorite Houses to look at that are for sale are:
**This little cottage priced at $100,000,000.00. Yep you read that right - pocket change!
**How about this one in Thousand Oaks it's only$29,900,000.00.
**This one is a little more reasonable at $9,400,000.00. It's in New Canaan Ct. I could move right in it has all the colors I love. Yellows, greens and lots of white! The house also has a name which I am a HUGE fan of! "Wisteria Hill" Yes, I could see myself there (except when it snows)
**I could see myself here too. The decorating has got to go but the house and grounds are my dream come true! And it's the cheapest of the bunch! (Only $7.9 million)
**North Carolina is a dream! Have you ever been there? I have and it's on my list of places to live if I ever have to move. This house is calling my name - the eyebrow window sealed the deal.
**Here's a cottage with a guest house so you can come and stay with me! I love it so much and just looking at the pictures makes me homesick for my all time favorite town - Carmel CA!
**Last one for today - Key Biscayne was one of my favorites when we went to visit this year. The view of the ocean from this house took my breath away and made the list. Enjoy!

Why do people travel to Scotland and Switzerland to see the castles? We have them right here in every state! Hope you have had fun looking at these amazing homes. I hope I don't get you addicted but if I do.....send me your favorites! My e-mail is on my sidebar (wink)


Susie said...

I'll take Isabella Ave. Thank you very much. I love Flipping Out! It is one of my faves. I also tend to spend the 11:00 hour watching House Hunters Intl. Instead of sleeping. :) My husband used to live in a beautiful Carmel Cottage in that same neighborhood as a child. Lucky boy!

Nikki said...

Those are some great homes... WOW. Thanks for the tour! I'd hate cleaning them though. ;)

Becca said...

I am amazed at how much those all cost. They are all beautiful and amazing. I have one question though. The first "little cottage" for $100,000,000.00.... for as big, beautiful, and costly, why does it have only a 3 car garage?