Wednesday, November 11, 2009

House Week - Old and New

I live in a newer home but love older things. I grew up in The Monterey Bay area in a house that was built in the 20's. The whole town was cottage-y and quaint. Period homes - A-Frames, Tutors, Bay and Gables, Bungalow's, Victorians and Craftsman's. I loved them all! Now that I live in a very new town where all the houses look the same and have little personality I have to add my own. That's why this post is titled "Old and New."
I am so happy with the transformation of my entertainment center. I like things simple, cottage and clean - not modern or contemporary. It's always bothered me that this big BLACK thing was in my cottage home. The rule is to have at least one dark piece of furniture and this is mine. I finally like how it looks and fits into the theme of our home. It holds my antique book collection, my old window I got with my Mom in Portland WA and some of my seashell collection. My fiend noticed the jar of sand dollars (there are over 40 in there) and was shocked! I had to remind her that I have been collecting sand dollars and shells my whole life and my Dad was collecting before me. That makes for quite a collection!

The mantle is made up of two corbels that I got at a salvage place in San Fransisco and a cornice piece I got in N.C. I love pieces with history and try and incorporate them into our home. The Halloween decor can be easily changed to fall by removing the scull, crow and tree. I then can add a few fall pieces and a give thanks banner I found at Home Goods -wha-la! Halloween into Fall!
Entry way cabinet. I love the little picture of my Dad and I. I don't have very many of them and this one is a prized possession.
Love how the entry turned out. These are the frames I got for $12 at Kirkland Home and sprayed them black. The pictures inside are 12x12 and can easily be changed whenever the seasons do. It's also the dumping spot for backpacks, shoes etc. Not my favorite spot in the house but we have limited space and this works. (don't mind the fake spider above the 3rd picture. We take spooking people very seriously around here)

**what's your favorite spot in your house?**
**do you like new or old or both?**


Anny said...

It looks great! I loved your big black entertainment center, I love it even more now. I love how your decor has a history to it. Keep the pictures coming :) this is fun!

onehm said...

LUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVING your home posts! Your home is so beautiful, I love hearing about all your special things!! :)

Becca said...

I so enjoyed touring your home last year, you put things together so well. I love the history. Your home is beautiful.

Susie said...

I love that little white bench! Where did you find that???
So funny that you are from the Peninsula. So is my husband. He grew up in Big Sur and Carmel. When I met him I couldn't believe thats where he was from because as a little girl thats where I always wanted to live...then he told me he now live ind Flagstaff...I said...Flag where? :) I had never even been to AZ. Murphys Law. Have a great day!