Sunday, February 7, 2010

52 BP/6

I'm thankful we live in sunny AZ.  
When most of the country is freezing from blizzards,snow, hail and rain 
we have sunshine, beautiful flowers and gorgeous green, green grass.  
Yesterday I wanted to call my brothers and proclaim in a loud excited voice, 
"Does this feel like California weather or what???!!!?!"
It was sunny but cloudy, warm yet cool, the perfect California breeze I was so very homesick!
It made me happy all day long!
Now - this is my blessing for the week people. 
If you are freezing and snowed in don't curse me. 
I will be miserable come the end of July so it all evens out in the end! (wink)


Susie said...

Girl we just got back to Flag and lets put it this way, their were alot of tears. We were so bummed to leave the amazing weather and I am feeling homesick for California too. Almost depressed about it. I keep asking Matt..why do we live in Flag again? We will be down in 2 weeks for the Arabian horse shows. Let's hope and pray the weather stays amazing down in your neck of the woods.... for all of our sakes. :)

Becca said...

OOH I am so jealous. It looks so warm, sunny and beautiful! I have been cold the last three days in this freezing weather. :) Wonderful blessing right now.

Anny said...

Curse you Cara! he he. You know what this does to me don't you. I will be posting the perfect weather pictures come the end of July!
Until then, enjoy your blessing! I miss flowers! Love ya!

Mardi said...

Lucky you.....It was 8 degress this morning when I sent Payton to catch the bus. BUUUURRRRRRR I will hopefully be coming downt o visit mom in July. It's going to be a busy summer for us. Lots of traveling and camping. Fun, Fun.

Kass said...

That is a gorgeous pict. Yes-it does hurt now, but will even out.

Sarah said...

Loved your comment on my blog...and NO it doesn't even out. Trust me, I've done the gosh darn math. November here is touch and go...kind of rainy and definitely cloudy. Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April...freezing and rainy, snowy definitely cloudy. May...some days gorgeous, some days freezing again. June-October pretty good, but when it's hot it's super humid miserable.
So 6 months I don't mind. But those other 6 months are really hard to take! I'd trade places with you in a second! :)