Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week I had a brilliant idea to have our daily scripture reading in the morning in our bed.  Let me first start off by saying all four of us are-not-morning-people-at-all!!!  So mornings are a big grouchy issue at our house.  Yeah - you thought I had it all together but I don't.  Really I don't!

Here's how things work in the morning:
1)  Cassidy's alarm goes off at 6:45 where she promptly shuts it off and goes back to sleep.  
2)  My alarm goes off at 7:00 where I hit snooze a few times then wake up but still lay there in hopes of another 10-15 minutes.
3)  I go in and try and wake the girls up - it doesn't work.
4)  I go get back in bed for another 5 min. before going to wake the girls up again.
5)  We then all finally get up rush around getting ready, finding clothes, eating something easy like cereal, making lunches and snacks, finding backpacks, shoes, doing hair on 2 girls plus my own, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think you can visualize what we are doing.  I did forget to mention the nagging, whining, the crying, the bad attitudes and how I was totally bugged at everyone every single morning.

Now, the alarm goes off at 6:30am.  I still hit snooze and I still lay there for a minute before getting out of bed.  (Hey, I'm still not a morning person and I'm definitely not perfect!)
I then go and GET the girls out of their beds and put them in our bed.  They would come get in our bed anyway.  While they are waking up we read scriptures.  It gives us all a chance to stay in bed a little longer (we are getting up a little earlier so it all works out.) spend time together and boy has it changed our mornings for the better!  We are less grouchy, more organized, a lot happier and there has been a lot less fighting and crying and whining.  It's also nice that the girls are getting Daddy time since they don't see him as much.  Everyone is just plain happier in the morning with our new routine.

Like I said - I'm not perfect but hey I'm going to pat myself on the back for my brilliance on this one!

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Nikki said...

The mornings you described (pre scripture reading time idea) sound way too familiar. We are night owls as well. I need a stroke of brilliance that'd work for us too.