Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

My favorite T.V. Shows This Week:
(These are not in any order except what came to mind first)

10)  Grey's Anatomy - it's smut but I still watch it.
9)    American Idol - We are hooked this season but I don't have very many favorites.
8)    The New Adventures of Old Christine
7)    White Collar - if your not watching your missing out!
6)    Psych - funniest show on television!  Plus Shawn is my brothers twin!
5)    Burn Notice - Miami, spies, suspense, eye candy - need I say more?
4)    Sarah's House - This cute girl who I have watched for years is doing a new kind of show where she buys a house - remodels it - and each episode is one room of the house before, during and after.  I love her decorating style and it's a quick 30 min of design inspiration.  I want to re-do my whole house now.  thanks Sarah.
3)   The Big Bang Theory - OK this might be the funniest show on so many levels!
2)   The Best Thing I Ever Ate- The Food Network Stars take you and show you and eat in front of you their favorite foods.  Don't watch this late at night or if you are dieting.  It's torturous but man am I hooked!
1)   The Olympics!!!!  OK this is #1 for a reason - who doesn't love the Olympics?  We record every showing and watch and watch and watch.  It's quite addicting.  We also have "Oh Canada, our home and native land...."song stuck in our heads because it's so catchy.  Why couldn't we have had a more catchy National Anthem?  Don't judge me...I'm just sayin'.

What have you been watching?


Dancin Queen said...

My new favorites are Modern Family and Community.

Mardi said...

Love the Big Bang Theory. We actually look forward to it every week. I hope you get back to normal soon.

Nikki said...

Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Middle, The Office, LOST, Old Christine, Psych!, Amazing Race,30 Rock, American Idol, and the Olympics of course!!

It's kind of sad that I came up with those so fast and I still can think of many more I enjoy watching.