Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

10)  I love the girls school, teachers and principal
9)    I love my primary class (at church)
8)    I love Cassidy's primary teacher and activity day leader (at church)
7)    I love Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night TV (white collar, psych, burn notice)
6)    I love my computer monitor
5)    I love my big kitchen pantry
4)    I love my doctor
3)    I love my R/O drinking water at home
2)    I love my new pillow
1)    I love houses (duh) here is my new favorite house eye candy blog (is that a correct sentence?)


Jenifer said...

I have MAJOR pillow envy. MAJOR. I too love your computer monitor as I type on my 10 inch screen.

Jennifer said...

#8 part 1 loves her (and YOU) too!

Kass said...

Your girls are sooo darling. Lucky lucky ladies to be in a family w/ so much love! I know you're an honorary Weaver, but does that make it impossibe for me to be an honorary Tom & Cara S. family?