Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 on the 12th

12 on the 12th march 2010 friday
1.  scriptures in mama and daddy’s bed in the morning
2.  best friends fresh off the bus
3.  ice-cream after school
4.  spring leaves on the ash tree
5.  abby thinking real hard
6.  dinner - kids choice
7.  cassidy’s new lo♥ve
8.  sweet smile
9.  fresh homemade cookies by mom
10. which one?
11. playing at the park
12. abby’s to do list
Can I just say what fun I had doing this?  My family was sick of my by the end of the day but I have a whole bunch of new photo’s to use in my blogs and collages.  if you didn’t get a chance yesterday to do it.  Mark you calendar for next month.  This is my new favorite project!  Oh, and FYI it’s hard to choose just 12 pictures.  I almost did 16 on the 12th but it didn’t have the same ring.
I didn’t use Amy’s template.  I just made a collage on Picasa and it was easy breezy!  E-mail me if you need some extra help.


Anny said...

This turned out so cute! Love all the pictures. You have that creative touch!

Kass said...

Ok, I may be able to do something like this. I've been too overwhelmed w/ the 365 or pict of the day idea even though I love looking at them.

What awesome picts. It's cool that the variety of the day really shines when you put it all together! Thx.