Sunday, March 14, 2010

52 / BP / 11

O.K. Tom is going to kill me for posting this picture but......I just had too, it's my blessing for this week.

Tom's brother Mike has been staying with us off and on while he is here for work.  Tom is in HEAVEN having his BIG brother here to: play racquetball with, talk about the business, bounce ideas off of him, watch all his shows with - that I don't watch (who wants to watch Navy Seals training, Bear Grills, and fighting movies? not me!) and to just plain hang out with.

I am also thankful because Mike can fix anything.  Tom can too but.........he's been busy for the last three years.  Mike has helped me get a few projects checked off my list and it's been sooo nice.  

My girls love having him around even though they have to share a room while he is here.  They don't mind a BIT!  In fact I think they secretly like sharing a room but would never admit it.  

Thanks Mike for staying with us and putting up us and my cooking!  We know you would rather be at home with you family but we love having you here.

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