Tuesday, June 15, 2010

12 on the 12th - June

I love this picture Project!  The 12th of this month fell on a lazy Saturday as you can see by all the pool pictures.  It was an unbelievable day and it only got up to 81!  We spent most of the day outside, Tom and I even took a nap by the pool.  It was the most relaxing Saturday in years♥

1)  Tom and Cass went to get Jamba Juice first thing in the morning with our BOGO coupon.
2)  Flower curled up on our bed as usual.  How do cats sleep so much?
3)  Abby has been sleeping on the floor in our room the last few nights.  I just made a bed out of pillows and she's happy as a clam.  I'm happy because I can't sleep with her big 6-year old body in my bed.
4)  My computer where I sneak away to blog, e-mail and spend too much of my days.
5)  Abby playing in the pool while I watch.  Cassidy was at a birthday party next door and Abby had so much fun with the pool all to herself.  She is the queen of self-entertainment.
6)  The sky was the prettiest light blue and the clouds against the tree made for a happy sight.
7)  My new water cup complete with lid and straw!  Thanks Dr. Baker♥
8)  Some new pool toys.  We are having the hardest time keeping pool toys around here!  I have no idea where they are disappearing to?
9)  A lovely shot (not) of me lounging outside in the sun thanks to Miss Abby.
10) Cassidy after her pool party snuggled up on the couch with Dad - who is asleep.  This is her usual position.
11) Abby's un-birthday cake.  She was sad that she didn't get any cake from the party next door so we made a cake and had to sing, blow out candles and everything.  Boy did it make her day!  She's been calling it "my cake" all weekend!
12) I snuck away to the BRAND-NEW-HOBBY-LOBBY that is right by my house!  How fun.  I needed a big flower to finnish a project but couldn't find one.  Didn't matter though, I sure had fun looking around.

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michelle said...

How I wish my daughter was the queen of self-entertainment!!

Any day that ends with Hobby Lobby is a good day.

btw your banner is darling!