Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Job

Yesterday Cassidy had her first real babysitting gig away from home.  She has babysat a ton here at the house while I have been here and she is an angel with the kiddos but this was the real deal.  She was so excited she told me she woke up every two hours until 5:26 am and then couldn't go back to sleep.  She was completely prepared with a back back full of games and crafts and another filled with prizes and snacks.  We made her up a list of things to do - Games, Water Activities and Quite Time Activities.  The best part that she's most excited about's going to be every Tuesday form 10am-3:30pm!

I hope she keeps her love of babysitting.  I always loved to babysit - still do!  I was even a Nanny at one point and loved every minute of it.  I just can't believe that she's old enough to do this!

I guess this means Miss Amberly and I are on our own on Tuesdays.  We'll miss you Cass♥

Activity List has been requested.  We went to Joann's and the $1 Dollar Store and got a bunch of fun activities to put in her bag to take with her each time.  The kids got to pick one thing from each catagory.  It was a HIT!  She did an excellent job and we are so proud of her♥

Water Activities:
Play in the pool (blow-up)
Run through the sprinklers
Water Gun Wars
Mud Pies - need pie plates, sticks, flowers and MUD! (or sand)
Play with Bubbles

Don't Eat Pete
I Spy with my Little Eye
Have a Picnic
Go on a Scavenger Hunt
Circle Safari - search for circles around the house - count how many you find.  Try other shapes too.
Play Dough ( store bought or Home-made)
Cards- Old Maid, Go Fish, War
Duck - Duck - Goose
Build a Fort
Play School

Quiet Time
Read a Book
Tic Tac Toe
Color / Paint
Write a Letter
Watch a Movie - Eat Popcorn


Jodi said...
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Erin said...

What a fun babysitter. We'll have to have her come sit our kids sometime!

Becca said...

It looks like you have been having a great summer so far. I haven't read blogs for a few weeks, but trying to catch up now. She looks like she would be the funnest babysitter.

Anny said...

Wow, babysitting age already! Zack was asking how he could earn extra money, and I thought of babysitting. Good for her, she will be great!

Nicole said...

I want to hire Cassidy!
I'm loving your blog. I'm so glad you commented on mine.
I love the 12 on the 12th project. I'll have to do that sometime.
Rock on!

Allyson said...

She is so stinking cute! I can't get over it! Thanks for letting me be a part....

Love, Allyson

Linda said...

Sounds like a well prepared babysitter. I'm sure the kids will love having her. I know mine did when they came with things to do.