Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Plant for You and a Friend

I love the plant called The Sweet Potato Vine.  It's color is such a bright and cheery shade of green.  Chartreuse really.  It's also a very fast grower and loves the heat which is a bonus here in AZ.  I likes full sun and shade - I'm telling you - this is the perfect plant!

Don't mind the picture - I am using my point and shoot and well.....the pictures just aren't as good as my old camera - RIP.

Want to know another great thing about this plant? 
It's so easy to make another plant for you or a friend!

  All you have to do it cut off  3-5 stems from the bottom of the vine. 
They will look like this:
 Then you will pull off the leaves leaving just a few at the very end.  Put the stems in a glass of water on your counter and in one week  you will have so many roots that have grown off of these vines you can plant them into a pot that needs a little bit of color.  Like this:
This is one week after I planted the vines in this pot.  
They have already doubled in size and love their new home.  
The best was FREE!!!!!  

I just cut some more stems yesterday and today sent them home 
with my neighbor in a glass of water so she can watch the magic happen. 

Now go find a Sweet Potato Vine at the store 
or from a friend and have some fun!

If you give your neighbor some cuttings she may bring you over some 
fresh-from-the-garden basil!  I'd say that's a sweet trade!


onehm said...

THANK YOU for sharing that idea...I'm going to have to hit the nursery this week...

Brandi said...

I think those grow here too. Love the lime green color of them.

michelle said...

I LOVE sweet potato vine! My favorite color. I'll have to try the cuttings...

Anny said...

Thanks for the great idea. I will look for those too.