Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Decorating Dilemma

I need help with my office.  

See this pretty magnet board I made?  It's cute - missing a big flower but still cute. (I haven't found the right flower yet) I may change the ribbon to green,  I'm more of a green person than blue.  The blue just isn't sitting right with me.  I'm weird like that.

Here's the office.  
This sure looked a lot better in my head when I was planning it out. 
It just doesn't flow.  
Should I:
1) paint the frame around the map black so they match?
2) get some vinyl lettering that says something fun and put it over the map?
3) get a chair cushion and another office chair like these?
4) repaint the frame white?
5) I'm open for any kind of suggestions - good or bad - but be nice about it :)

I used to have shelves and family pictures over my desk and it worked.......very well.  I then decided to mix things up and move those over the couch in the family room to bring more black into the room to match the entertainment area. 
As you can see I need to get a few more pictures and I just ordered a quote to put in that upper left blank area.  I'm on the hunt for some black and white pillows that are cottagey.   Is that a real word?  I don't know but you get what I mean right?

I'm stumped so I'm turning to my blogging buddies.  I know you can help me.  Leave me a comment, a link to some fabulous idea or heck call me and come over!  I'm that desperate!


onehm said...

I don't have anything YET. But I'll be thinking and come back...
:) Things are looking good so far, but I know how you are feeling. I'll see if I have any good links for you to check out for inspiration...

Susie said...

Love the memo board! So cute. The flower will make it perfect. I think it you go green with the ribbon it will match the map better. I also think you should paint the map frame black. The black really adds depth to the room I think. Just a suggestion..I would put heighten the map so that it is exactly even with the memo board. It will look cleaner and more uniform that way. Hope that was constructive but in a gentle way. :) I just love the desks.
Oh....get that awesome first chair. Incredible! I love it.
Happy decorating.

Lauralee said...

love the memo board... super cute.. do you have a marshalls down there? they have some cute office storage things in the black and white print at the marshalls here...
love the chair.
and I would totally paint the map frame black... love that!

Lisa said...

Ooo, I love your office! I like the blue and I liked the hot pink flower that was there... BUT I can see your point - Here are my votes:

1- Don't paint the frame black. What a pain, and then it will be obvious that it is lower if that bothers you.

2- Add black vinyl lettering over the map to balance the "dark" side of your room. Something cute about exploring or creativity or the beautiful world we live in ...

3 - bring the bulletin board fabric in around the room. So I say YES on the chair cushions - how CUTE! If you were totally on a roll, you could add ribbon ties or piping to the cushions to match the board.

4. Ignore my ideas and do what you want ♥

5. I loved seeing you again!

Kara said...

Cara, I love Lisa's ideas. I can always help out with the vinyl lettering if you like. I'd love to help in any way that I can. I tried calling you a couple of times, left a message, not sure you got it on your cell phone. I'd still love to help and to see if you would like to take the pics of the kiddos.

onehm said...

I told you I'd come back...I found a blog that her style SCREAMS Cara! ;)
So I figured I'd share and that you could get some inspiration from her since I don't have anything specific for you. Check her out: