Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thank you girls soooo much for all your creative ideas.  I think for sure I'm going to paint the frame around the map black.  I can't raise the map because:
a) it's at child height and
b) we nailed the molding right into the wall.  Or maybe we glued it right to the wall.  Either way it's not going anywhere.

I was thinking a shelf of some sort could go over the map to add some height and draw your eye up so there isn't such a height distance between the map and the magnet board.  Then I could display my favorite things, pictures, add color etc.  Good?  Bad idea?

I need to make and IKEA run to see if they have a rug and some color to add in here (the office) to go with the black and white theme.  Oh how I wish I was brave enough to go with some bold bright color like my dentists office.  Weird I know but I time I go in there I'm sneaking my camera and doing a photo tour.  It's amazing!

Summer is getting into full swing around here.  We are hunkering down and trying to stay cool.  Today it was 112 and tomorrow it's going to be 113.  Yikes!  That's hot people.  We've been to two movies in two days, walked the indoor mall, swam after the sun went down, watched a lot of TV (which I hate) played a lot of webkins and wii, drank way too much soda, went through a whole bag of Popsicle's in 4 days, and had a major loss of energy.  The heat just zaps any and all life out of ya.  Here's hoping I can get through the holiday weekend without going mad.

On the agenda tomorrow:
1) babysit the nephews
2) make a 4th of July banner and fabric flower clips
3) vacuum the house (it is majorly needed)
4) go to a broadway kids musical
5) keep the girls from biting each others heads off.
6) catch up on blogging.  I'm so behind!

Happy Friday♥

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Webb Family said...

I love all the ideas!
Love the shelf idea.
I think you should paint the room, I will come & help.
I love your memo board, you need to show off your girls too! Maybe you have & I missed it.