Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Door Obsession

This is my front door - in the spring - in full bloom.
I ♥ it.  However....it needs a face lift.  
Not the roses, although if you saw them today they definitely need a pruning.
The door.  My boring, dented, metal door is what needs major help.
I've thought of many options. 
Here's my Top 10:

Vinyl would be nice but I don't have any room due to the pattern on the door.

 Nie Nie has the cutest Dutch Door.  I've become obsessed with them.  I had one on my playhouse growing up.  My Mother loved them.  Living near Carmel-By-The-Sea I now know why.  It seems every door in Carmel is a Dutch Door.  Since I leave my door open all the time anyway (when it's not blazing hot outside) I think I need one.  Here are a few examples of the Oh So Fabulous Dutch Doors:

Scary Door by Martha Stewart

Carmel Cottage Doors

Country Home Magazine

Love this sea-foam green color! 
Reminds me of what doors look like in San Fransisco

Wish I had the room and house that could have a front door this GRAND!

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