Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Non-Traditional 4th

This 4th of July weekend was quite disappointing.  I don't want to sound negative because there were some high points it just wasn't our normal 4th of July traditions that we did so it was a little disappointing.

First off we didn't go out of town like we had planned.   We were supposed to go to Missouri for a family reunion but that got pushed back to a later date (that is undecided at the moment)

2nd we didn't get our annual family picture in red, white, and blue.  This is one of my favorite traditions.  Even if it's a snapshot I love having a this picture.  If Ashley wasn't about to have her baby any minute I would run over there and beg and plead to have her take our picture in front of her big flag.  See HERE

Here are some of our past photo's:

2008 in Colorado.  Oh the fun we had.  Thanks to Suzanne for taking this picture.

OK we aren't wearing red, white and Blue in this picture either and this wasn't taken exactly on the 4th but it was in July and we had so much fun in Utah!

2007Hmmm maybe I'm feeling better about my non-picture-taking-weekend.  Looks like I don't have a picture of us in red, white, and blue for each year after all.  Weird I thought I did.  I guess I'll have to start the tradition next year.

My favorites were the ones Ashley did for us in 2008.  Seriously...this girl has talent and I soooo hope she gets back into these mini-shoots that she does.  She is amazing and I am hoping to get some more good shots of my girlie's soon.
See all the pictures HERE

OK back to our lovely 4th:
Another disappointment was that we missed the fireworks this year.  We left 10 min. before they were to start to go to our secret location (the 5th floor roof of Tom's parking garage)that is 2 min away.  They started the fireworks early - the rats and when we got to the roof there was a security guard who wouldn't let us stay.  We tried to tell him we own office space and have every right to be there but nope he made us leave so we got to see exactly 30 seconds of fireworks.  LAME.  Don't worry though, I have a call in to the building manager with my complaint. 

I also didn't make one all American anything to eat.  I made orange chicken and rice one night, tacos one night, pizza one night.  There was no hot dogs, hamburgers, mile high apple pie (which I have a killer recipe for) or ice cream.  See how lame it was.

Now for the positive, we did get to spend all weekend together as a family.  We went on a memorial field trip on Monday (more on that later ).  We did a lot of swimming and napping and movie watching.  It was fun, I promise it was fun and I need to remember the fun instead of the lack of red, white and blue that didn't happen over here this year.

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Becca said...

That was a great post Cara. I laughed about the non-tradition of red, white and blue. So funny. I can't believe you didn't get to stay at your secret spot. What a bummer. Hopefully next year. I'm glad your weekend was relaxing.