Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tom's Birthday

Man I am behind on this blog!  His birthday was a month ago and I'm just now posting about it.  It's been a crazy summer and this blog took the backseat.

For Christmas I got my dream bike.  You can read about it here.
I love my bike and the girls and I have so much fun riding around the neighborhood we wanted Tom to have a bike and love it too.  Well, when we told him we were buying him a bike for his birthday on the way to the bike shop let's just say he was less than thrilled.  See he has never had a nice bike - ever!  Well guess what?  We changed that!

We had him try out all kinds of bikes until he found the perfect one.  He couldn't be happier.  Plus......he has already signed up for a triathlon so having a bike is pretty important...wouldn't you say?

look at all the fun bikes you can choose from!  This is the same store they bought my bike from.  They even gave us a discount since we bought from them before.

We took it out to my car knowing full well it would fit.  I mean we have always been able to fit anything and everything in my car so there was no doubt.
It was a tight fit.  But it fit!  Both rows of seats had to be put down so the girls got to ride in the back with the bike.  The squeezed in there and laid down because her have instilled the fear of policemen in them and they didn't want to get caught without a seat belt.  Good thing we were close to home!

We went on a family bike ride right when we got home and it was so fun!  Can't wait to have the weather cool down enough so we can go again.  There's something about 112 degrees that makes bike riding not sound like fun.  One more month and we should be good! 

Happy Birthday to my sweetie and his new bike!

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