Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Sunday

Today we ditched church.
Shhhh don't tell and....don't judge.
This has been a very busy week, several weeks, OK a very busy month!
So we ditched and boy did it feel good to stay in bed till 10am and then stay in PJ's all day.
Tom even got a nap♥
I installed and played on my new Lightroom program.
We had chicken enchiladas, nachos and bean dip for lunch (all made right here)
And the reason I am posting all of this????

My girls have been so dang cute all day.

They went out in our teeny-tiny side yard on the west side of the house where we have two HUGE navel orange trees and played "camping".  They dug a hole and made "soup".  They built a real campfire in Daddy's rocket stove (with his permission and assistance).  They even cooked their own dinner out there on the rocket stove - New England Clam Chowder and roasted marshmallows for desert.  They took their screens off their windows (that also face west) and climbed in and out 237 times.  They laughed and giggled and played all day long just as happy as can be.  It made my heart so happy to hear them.  In fact, they are now having a slumber party in Cassidy's BIG bed and are still laughing and giggling and making sister memories that will last forever.

Do I feel bad about ditching church? 
We needed a relaxing, memory making, nap taking, campfire making, computer program playing, chicken enchilada eating, no demands kind of day.

Tom and I doing a self portrait and tickling each other at the same time to see who could look more ridicules.  I think I won!


crystal said...

Cutest family ever <3

Crazymamaof6 said...

LOVE IT! sounds like a perfect day. and seriously no judgement from me. we always have free sunday for stake conference. ;)

Webb Family said...

Sounds wonderful!
We ditched too & sometimes it's just needed:)
Sisters are the best!!