Tuesday, November 23, 2010

7th Year of Fun At Kmart

I didn't realize it until I uploaded this picture that we all wore black.  That's funny!

Every year we look forward to our Kmart / Big Lots shopping trip.  It's quite an adventure.  We put it on our calendars and nothing comes in the way of it.  Not sick kids, not school projects not even tamale making!  People ask us "Why do you go to Kmart?"  and we laugh because it's not so much where we go as it it is that we go together and we only go once a year.  It's like a shopping adventure!  No one shops at Kmart anymore so we can pick up some pretty original gifts and holiday decor.  We were thinking about it and decided this was our 7th annual Kmart anniversary.  Awesome!

This year Kmart lost Martha Stewart (she went over to Home Depot).  We loved her ornaments and wrapping paper.  That was sad.  We did have fun going up and down all the isles and we laughed our heads off and made people look and think we were wacky but hey...that's the joy of our once a year trip!  

Check out what I got........
oh yeah baby....a dancing elf hat that lights up and sings!  You are jealous aren't you?  This is going to get a lot of use this holiday season.  I'm wearing it to the ugly sweater party, the ward Christmas party and Christmas eve.  And yes, I was dancing in the Kmart isle while this picture was taken and yes M&M were howling with laughter making people think we were crazy.

Until next year Kmart.......I'll miss you♥

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crystal said...

You look so happy! I love it. But really--who wouldn't be happy when wearing a dancing elf hat?