Thursday, January 27, 2011

These last few weeks I have been dreaming about re-decorating my living room.  I shouldn't say "re" decorate since I haven't ever decorated it in the first place.  I realized we have been in our house 5 years and I have never:

1) painted anything but the girls rooms
2) changed out the curtain rods in the living room that have never had curtains on them
3) found a rug for the office
4) found a use for the living room that is practical and functional

I could go on. 
I love Sarah's House Notebook over at Clover Lane I think I may have to make one for myself this year.  I keep going into the different rooms of my house and seeing little fix-it things that need to be done.  Her ideas is BRILLIANT as usual.

So, I'm going to start my notebook and put the living room first.  After that I just need to figure out what I want my living room to look like.  Here are a few of my fav's:

I want to re-do my old antique chair in my bedroom like this and move it into the living room.  I recovered it before....I just need to get the guts up to re-cover it again. (image Miss Mustard seed)

I just can't seem to stray far from white.  It's so darn pretty I can't seem to change my way of thinking no matter how hard I try. (image via turquoise, tulips and bliss)

I love this but with different color curtains.  Maybe yellow and cream, or sage green and cream?  (via miss mustard seed)

I love the white curtains, the bamboo shades, the white woodwork and the rug.
I don't know if I could do blue but maybe? 

I know!  I know...they all look the same!  And do you know how hard it is to find furniture like this in the southwest.  Ummm try impossible!  Oh this picture is dreamy.  I can just see the ocean out my windo if I could have this decor! (image via katie sellers)

I know this wouldn't work in a living room but a hallway or alcove?  
It's dreamy and makes me think of Pride and Prejudice.
(image via french garden house)

This is a little fancier.  I like it.  I wouldn't mind fancy.  Our house is so casual and comfortable I think fancy could one room.  Not that I would keep kids out of it or anything.  Every room in my house is open to kids, the cat, family, friends.  When you come over I want you to feel warm, welcome and comfortable.  Like family. (impage via decorista daydreams)

This is sooo California to me.  Beach cottage.  I like it.  I'm usually not a fan of brown but this is more of a gray brown so it's working.  Love the barn doors best of all! (image via greige)

I love this room too!  Love the real table that is being used as a sofa table.  I also love how there isn't a TV anywhere.  only in design can you do that.  not if you have a husband and children.  (image via room remix)

I guess for now I will continue looking for ideas and wait another 5 years before I do anything (wink)


Sarah said...

We have the exact same vision.....I especially love the last pic and the one with the Christmas tree. I am in the mood for a little change up too!

Webb Family said...

I love every picture & don't you worry with our new "club" you will have a lot done & soon!

Becca said...

I love all those rooms. I love white too, but don't know if I could do it. It would get dirty in seconds, and I wouldn't be a happy mom.